Hearts of Iron IV – Useful Console Commands (La Resistance DLC)

This guide contains La Resistance-specific console commands that are very useful for the player.

Console Commands for La Resistance DLC


Exactly like the Focus.AutoComplete console command, although with Agency instead. It instantly completes any upgrade as soon as you click it, Though you still need civilian factories to upgrade.


Your operatives/spies won’t be detected anymore.

if you want them to be detected, write: force_operative_detection


Your operatives will instantly complete their operations.

Edit: This command only works for operations that are “in progress”

Operations that are “in preparation” will not benefit from this command.


Your operatives will instantly build Intel Networks as soon as you order them to.


Operatives finish their training instantly, no need to wait 30 days for example.


Since these are console commands, there’s a big chance AI will benefit from the commands too, keep that in mind. I recommend enabling and disabling the commands while the game is paused, to prevent the AI from benefiting from the console commands.

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  1. Good In Theory, Bad In Execution. Gayjin Is Known For Their Constant F*ck-Ups, So Some Of The Values MAY Be Wrong Or Outdated. The Best Way To Get Info On The Armor Modifiers Would Probably Be To Ask The Data-Miners, But That Might Also Be A Little Iffy

  2. Good Job on putting the T26E1 as the example, many thinks that this thing uses the Panther Armor or it provides full protection like it you stated (which is incorrect, the one in Panther Armor isn’t even a legitimate Super Pershing, and the one Gaijin used is the one thats uses the Boiler Steel), very useful and helpful guide my dude!

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