Colony Survival – How to Get Unknown Grass

How to get the “grass” block without a biome type defined for it.

The Long Way

  • Enable cheats in order to use flying. As far as I know, this will not disable your achievements. To do this, press T to open the chat, then type “/cheats on” . If you are in a multiplayer server, you will have to enter the server window and type “/setgroup [your username] king” first. 
  • Enable flying by typing “/setflight true” . 
  • Fly by pressing the F key. Press the Z key to lower yourself until you are a few blocks underground. 
  • While going forward, hold the shift key to fly fast. Going at this speed is important. 
  • Hold down the left mouse button while you are flying fast. 
  • Stop moving. You should still be holding down your left mouse button and shift. 
  • When you finish mining the block in front of you, you should get the “grass” block!

The Easy Way

  • Follow step one in “the long way.” 
  • Type “/loot grass”. 
  • The grass block should show up in your stockpile.


The block should look like this:

Colony Survival - How to Get Unknown Grass
Colony Survival - How to Get Unknown Grass

This method worked as of version 1.1.8, maybe it will be patched.

Written by Zevulon.

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