Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Peripheral Whips Guide

This guide will teach you about one of the most powerful tools your HUD provides.

Guide to Peripheral Whips

White Dots. White Dots Everywhere

I have asked many people If they know what Peripheral Whips are and to my surprise not many do. Peripheral Whips are one of the most powerful tools that Rising Storm 2 has to offer. PW are the white dots that appear on the edge of your screen. They Indicate that an enemy outside of your field of view is present.

The whips or white dots as I like to say will vary in size depending on the range of the enemy player. The bigger they are the closer the enemy is. Now let me tell you why PW are very strong; they have no maximum range. This means that if someone is 200m away and not in your FOV they will show up as a white dot on the edge of your screen. This makes it very easy to tell if there are enemies at some far away hill or tree without even looking directly at them.

The Whips will only appear if the enemy is not behind solid cover. Even if your enemy is hiding in a bush and you cannot directly see him, you will get a whip if he’s outside of your field of view. So if you’ve ever been 90° snapshoted by a guy running through the jungle while you were prone in a bush then you can bet he saw you as a white dot on the side of his screen.

Some servers have PW disabled but from my experience most servers have them enabled. Make sure you have them enabled in your settings ( Settings-> Player View & Hud-> Enable Peripheral Whips).

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