Horizon’s Gate – List of All Trainer Locations

In this guide you can find a simple list of where each trainer is.

Where to Find All Trainers

Trainers by Class

  • Balancer: Fantlin.
  • Bat Handler: Eyrerock.
  • Berserker: Port Alphe.
  • Blade: Fivili.
  • Bombadier: Runewald.
  • Breaker: Wraele.
  • Defiler: Condra.
  • Elementalist: Nordock.
  • Enchanter: Dunning-Mars (West area of map, in the shredded lands).
  • Gatekeeper: Searth (you can wait 9 months and pay nothing, or pay 5000g).
  • Gatewarder: Bellrique (NW corner of map).
  • Guardian: Searth.
  • Ignis Knight: Ash Port (SW corner of map, will need to pay a small bribe to get in).
  • Krakenslayer: Crubtown (Eastern edge of the map, near the middle).
  • Minstrel: Bilibas (East of Ralkhome, turn north after the river).
  • Ravager: Redens.
  • Shiftcloak: Bagu’s Rest (trainer may be hard to spot).
  • Spell Archon: Gunhaldr (near Dominio, on the SW coast of the australia-like island continent).
  • Stormshot: Towerwall.
  • Swashbuckler: Bette Sands.
  • Tactician: Jascias.
  • Unmaker: Ravitus.
  • Warden: Granserf.
  • Warpblade: Tsavor (East of Condra, cast Gate to reach the trainer).

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