Half-Life: Alyx – Re-bind Inventory Selection Pop-Up Guide (How to Fix Grabbing with the Index Controllers)

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The default button for bringing up the inventory selection menu is bound to trackpad click by default. For some this can make grabbing objects with the index controller difficult. This is a guide for anyone unfamiliar with index controller bindings to re-map this action to a more suitable button, in this case the thumb stick click.

Guide to Fix Step-by-Step

  1. Open the SteamVR settings menu.
  2. Select “Manage Controller Bindings”.
  3. From the drop down, select Half-Life: Alyx.
  4. Change active controller binding from “Default” to “Custom”.
  5. Select “Edit This Binding”.
  6. Select the Weapon tab.
  7. Under Trackpad click the trashcan icon to remove the current binding.
  8. Under Thumbstick select the + icon to add the new binding.
  9. Where it says “Click”, select the button that says “None” and change to “Show Inventory”.
  10. Select “Save Personal Binding”.

You’re all set!

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