Resident Evil 3 – Phase 3 Nemesis Boss Fight on Inferno Guide

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For anyone that needs some more information on beating this boss fight on Inferno.


From my hours of Dark Souls on my xbox and Code Vein on my pc. I can say that this boss fight is frustrating and not in the fun way. This boss forces you to be literally perfect. It’s very rarely that you can mess up and live for it… Many moves can screw you in the matter of seconds. I’ve died in literally seconds. So maybe I can help with you with what I have to say!

What You Need

  • Usually I bring A magnum, A pistol (your preference. I use the Samurai), and the grenade launcher (Mine rounds are the best for this. If not then explosive round if you don’t mind getting a little close).
  • You can make your own loadout too. I’m not your mom.

Nemesis’ Moveset

The moves he does i’m assuming, you’re probably already acquainted with beating him on Nightmare but I’ll list them off to help if needed:

The Roar

  • It’s hard to tell when this move will come up but when you see the roaring effects. Getting hit will cause Jill to stun. To fight it… dodge and pray you don’t get hit by it.
  • If you do get hit, 90% chance you’ll die to the ‘The Hand Smacks’ follow-up right after but just mash dodge and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to dodge the follow up attack he does and then dodge the rest of his hand smacks

The Hand Smacks

  • His main move. You will see this move A LOT as Nemesis uses this move to follow-up most moves. You need to get very skilled with Dodging to make it through.
  • If you’re cheeky you can try to shoot his weakpoints in between each hit with the slo-mo you get when you aim with each dodge.
  • There are two types of smacks. The ‘Fast’ and the ‘Delayed’ smack. Nemesis will raise his hand up above you and smacks the player in a few patterns:

Delayed Combo:

  • Usually it goes: (Fast hit, Delayed hit, Fast hit).
  • The best way to tell he’s doing this is that the delayed combo because he uses the other hand

Rapid Combo:

  • A series of fast hits that can vary from 5 hits to 7 hits. It always ends with a delayed hit.

Sweeping Attack

  • You know this move is coming when you see him but his arm on one end of the arena and go towards the middle. He does this three times then this attacks ends.
  • This attack is the best time to shoot the weak-points as it’s easy to dodge.
  • Most of the time AFTER the Sweeping Attack ends, he’ll follow up with The Hand Smacks, don’t get too greedy or you’re getting punished for it and die.

Rapid Smashes

  • This attack starts with Nemesis smashing the ground right in front of him and follows up with the same move and goes up the stage. This keeps going until it ends with him smashing the player with both of his hands.
  • This move you can just run to the side and shoot the weak points. Just be careful that the double smash can track you so be ready to dodge if needed.
  • Sometimes he just smashes the player with both hands without the smaller ones.

Acid Spit

  • This attacks completely randomly. Sometimes Nemesis shoots them on his own during the middle of his combo’s or not at all. If the acid misses the player, then a tiny pool of acid will stay there for a few seconds.
  • All you need to know is that shooting and destroying his weak-points will cause a spray of the acid. Do not get hit directly with it. It’ll stun Jill for a brief second. That brief second can and will get you killed.
  • Standing in acid pools will cause damage to you but you shouldn’t worry about it since it doesn’t do very much damage to the player.

That should be all of his moves. If I missed any hopefully you can Adapt and Improvise.

The Boss Fight Itself

Stage One:

  • This is the very beginning of the fight. Nemesis will miss 99% of the attacks he does and is very slow. Grab the loot provided in the corners of the stages, Lots of pistol ammo and a few first aid sprays!
  • To continue, activate the Railgun and shoot Nemesis.

Stage Two:

  • The true fight begins! Use the Pistol first. The Samurai takes either 1-2 shots to destroy one weakpoint.
  • Always keep your health at max! You can take 3 hits before you die. Any other state won’t help at all.
  • Never take your eye off Nemesis. Try to keep your camera fixated on Nemesis.
  • Use your knowledge of the movesets I talked about when you enter this stage. Stay vigilant and ready for anything Nemesis throws at you. Usually Nemesis starts off with Hand Smacks. Use your dodge effectively and punish accordingly. The slowmo you get when aiming after a dodge can be used to shoot weakpoints or have more time to tell what move Nemesis will do next.
  • When all weakpoints are destroyed. Quick Step towards one of the power cells. When you quick step. You go much faster and will not be slowed by acid pools. You can quick step 3 times before Jill needs to recover so use that to your advantage to push in the Power Cells.
  • When a power cell is pushed in. Nemesis gets more aggressive with his attacks. That’s what the Magnum and Grenade Launcher is for. Once you get the first cell pushed in. Use the magnum. When the second power cell is pushed in use the grenade launcher. It destroys the weakpoints very effectively.
  • Once all 3 powercells are put in. Keep your eye to Nemesis to see what moves he’s going to do. Quick Stepping to the Railgun can really help.

Keep on your toes and you should hopefully claim victory.

Video Guide

Here’s a video of me beating Nemesis with the loadout I had in the Guide. It’s just a game clip I recorded so it’s nothing special but if you think a video helps more than hopefully this can help.

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