Planet Zoo – How to Farm Conservation Credits (Fast Method)

Learn to farm Conservation Credits (CC). Starting out is hard! But not when you know how to skip the grinding phase and join the elite club of animal breeders.

Guide to Farming Conservation Credits


Franchise Mode includes the online marketplace – a simulator of capitalism for dummies. The supply and demand determine the prices and the more resources (CC) you have, the more you can control it.

In this guide I will show you how not to fall behind and take part in this evil system, too. Good thing the only unavailable recource is a imaginary elephant and not housing like in real life.

Starting Out

If you are new to the game, you start with very little recources. You might get discouraged from playing the Franchise mode, because with the little you have, you can afford almost nothing, since the demand for attractive animals is very high. But we need you! We need more animal breeders who make the best animals available! So please, read on.

Starting out is hard and finding out how little you get from releasing an animal into the wild is painful. Unless you know what to breed, you might get stuck in neverending loop of selling and buying cheap animals.

Get your zoo working, buy some animals for cash and make your zoo profitable. 2 to 3 species is fine before we move to making the CCs. But happy guests and positive cash flow is essential.

In the following chapter, I will teach you how to go on.

Things Get Serious!

Red Panda

This is, in my opinion, the best starting animal. You can get some for very cheap on the market from other players, because the supply is very high. Look for good genetics, ignore immunity and to some extend fertility. Buy only fresh adults (1.5 years old). One male, one female. They manage to produce offspring (usually 2 cubs) around 5-6 times in their lifetime and if the genetics is good, they can be sold on the market for a good price, or released for around 2/3 of the market price.

You can have two separate exhibits so you prevent inbreeding and make CC faster. Luckily, feeding pandas is not expensive at all.


The king of the Market. They are endangered species, therefore releasing a lion into the wild can bring around 500-1000 CC!!! Everyone loves breeding lions, so the market is oversaturated. Therefore the prices of albino specimen are also very low, almost comparable to what you get from releasing one.

Watch the market and try to catch either two regular or two albino lions and start your very own breeding farm. If you have the money, buy more females, there are no downsides besides space requirement. Albinos will sell good on the market (Currently around 1200 for male and 1500 for female) and regular lions can be released into the wild. Since the market is so oversaturated currently, buy only elite genetics (85+ for size and longetivity).

You will greatly benefit from having two exhibits. But beware, Lions cost a lot to feed, so as I said, functional zoo is a must! The cub is adult at 3 years of age and lions become sterile at around 15 years old. A female usually have 2 cubs, so the breeding rate is really high! Especially if you have several females. Do not inbreed, noone will buy mediocore genetics lions.

Jaguar (Melanistic)

If you have the new DLC, you can do a bigger investment by buying two melanistic jaguars. Elite genetics only. They are kinda expensive and you cannot have more females, but they breed fast, too and you can sell them for a lot!

Enjoy your money and help the market

The Market is full of the animals I mentioned. Still, you are able to make good money. On the other hand, some animals are almost non existent. Frontier (The game developer) randomly releases animals on the market, too, but they have very bad genetics. These animals breed or mature slowly. So once you get a steady supply of CC, go invest in some of these low-supply animals and gradually improve their genetics. That is the core of online market. Also, these animals sell great for huge prices. Apes, elephants, polar bears… We need each other to be able to afford these.

Controversial Methods

There are also some methods that some might disagree with, but since this is a free market, we break no rules by doing it.

Sell rare animals before they go sterile

At certain age, your animals become sterile and no longer breed. After that, you cannot put them on the market or release into the wild. Therefore, few days before that happens, put them on the market with reduced price (1/2 to 2/3). If the animal has good genetics, someone will fall for it and buy your half-dead animal.

Resell animals if you catch a good offer

If you sort all the offers on the market by the newest, you can catch a good price for an expensive animal. Usually from other inexperienced (Or they just do not care) players, but sometimes even Frontier can mix good genetics (especially apes, great pandas). Females usually sell for more, so in my experience, watching the ape market is worth it. Sometimes I buy a female gorilla for around 2000 and resell for up to 5000 CC. That is free no effort money.


I am in the stage of the game where money is not a question to me, but reduced supply is. Therefore, I try to orient on the animals that are hard to get, not because of the profit, but because it makes the market work.

I made this guide for those, who struggle (same as me) in the beginning and wonder if the franchise mode is somehow wrong. Well, it is free market, so like in real life, it is wrong. I hate capitalism since it makes so easy for you to control the market, if you have the recources and that starting from stratch is so impossible.

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