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Basic Guide

About Game

DeadSide is a hardcore looter survival game. In the past I have played Escape from Tarkov, Dayz Standalone, and Scum and from my DeadSide experience I have noticed that this game is a mix of the three.

Starting Off

In DeadSide you will spawn in one of the random respawn points the developers have set across the map. You will spawn with your basic clothes which have little to no slots, a knife and a lighter. These are your essentials to surviving in DeadSide. The whole goal of DeadSide is kind of like Escape from Tarkov, you loot, kill, store, repeat, at least as of now. So get out there and find some loot and just have fun!


In DeadSide the safezones are very important. In the safezone you will have a vault where you can store your high value loot or even your money. Money is obtained by looting NPCs or selling items at the trader in the safezone. At the safezone there are two traders, one trader being the trader of essentials such as food, water, and other recources. The other trader is in place to offer weapons, ammunition, and even clothing. When trying to sell items to the NPC traders you must trade the items to the correct vendor in order to receive your money.


Missions in DeadSide are very fun but also very scary. The missions are normally hard and there will most likely be other players there who will try and kill you for your loot. Some missions include supply crates and even pvp/pve mission.


As you all know, the game is brand new as it launched today, April 14th. I would like to proudly say that this is an amazing game and I appreciate all of the people who are here supporting this game from day one as only through us will this game grow to what we want it to be in the future. Sorry this guide was so short, I do apologize as I am just getting into the game myself.  

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