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Fallout 76 - All Treasure Maps Guide

Written by Quwarkie69   /   Apr 28, 2020    

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A guide for all treasure maps in the Fallout 76 game.

What are Treasure Maps?

  • Treasure maps are pictures of locations in the game, that can be obtained by looting dead enemys and container. The map will have a hand-drawn picture of a spot located in the corresponding part of the map, with a X marking the treasure.
  • You need the maps to obtain the treasures!
  • You can either try to find the treasures by following the maps you have, or you just follow the steps in this guide.
  • The treasure will contain randomized loot like chems, food or ammunition aswell as Plans.

The Forest Map Locations

At first, we will take a look at the Forest.

Location 01: As you can see, the treasure is right under the first bridge, if you fast travel to Point Pleasant.

Location 02: Right between the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant and camp adams lookout, just search for a white tent and dig underneath the firepit.

Location 03: A few steps north from the Relay tower HG-B7-09 (In ash heap) Look for a playground and dig under the rusted monkeybars.

Location 04: Located at the Anchor farm near Vault 76, you should see a blue and yellow plane, dig underneath it.

Location 05: South west of the Charleston trainyard, behind a destroyed traincart.

Location 06: Close to the Overseer's camp, search for the water sensor in the river and go to the Dirt above the water behind it.

Location 07: Go to Widow's perch, search the giant billboard and dig right on the left of it

Location 08: North of Arktos pharma, where the Railroad crosses the river.

Location 09: South of summersville, where the roadsign is on the map. Head to the first house you see, the treasure should be on the right of it.

Location 10: Go into the river south of Greg's mine supply. Search for a little elevated rock formation, the treasure is located on top of it.

Savage Divide Map Locations

Location 01: As you can see on the map above, there is no location near this treasure. just walk down the road and keep an eye out for a Radiactive sign, your treasure will be right next to it.

Location 02: Is near the New appalachian central trainyard walk with the northern traintrack untill you see a blue and a red traincart. Search between them.

Location 03: North of Top of the world follow the skylift downhill untill you see the illuminated poll. Right next to it should be your treasure.

Location 04: Search for the wooden bridge near Solomon's pond search the left of the bridge, the treasure is right down there.

Location 05: Go to the Blackwater mine and find a way up to the giant billboard.Dig underneath it.

Location 06: This one is a little bit harder to find. First you want to go to the Palace of the winding path adn search the north sid of the building for a Raider-junk-pile-think.take the way downhill behind the junk, and keep searching all the way down. You can't miss it this way, but it will take a little bit longer.

Location 07: This one is in my opinion the hardest map. Go east of the South mountain lookout and climb down to the plateaus with the trees. I know there are multiple plateaus with trees, but just search all of them. If you have a rifle with a good scope you can try to find it by just looking at the plateaus from above.

Location 08: Fast travel to Top of the world and follow the traintracks north, untill you see some wood planks fencing a way to the right. Follow this path to the tables and chairs, and dig to the right of them.

Location 09: Go to the Autumn acre cabin and follow the edge of the cliff behind the cabin. Keep an eye out for a elevated platform with dirt and flowers. Work your way down to the flowers and search behing them.

Location 10: Warning: this is really close to a Fissure site,prepare to fight a scorchbeast. Go east from Bailey family cabin to the Fissure site, and search for a pond with 2 pick-up-trucks. A few steps uphill from the trucks will be your treasure

Ash Heap Map Locations

Location 01: Go to the AMS testing site, go to the crane and follow the traintracks to the concrete barrier. On the left side of the barrier you will find the treasure.

Location 02: Search for a lake with a cabin, east from the Hornwright air purifier site 01 and search a near the truck.

Toxic Valley Map Locations

Location 01: Goto the Becker farm walk to the bridge, turn right right before the bridge and search a completely destroyed house, the treasure should be infront of it.

Location 02: Go west from Clarksburg to the water tower. go uphill behind it, and search for the Treasure.

Location 03: This one is burried on the little island in the middle of the lake near the Pioneer scout camp, just look out for mirelurk eggs.

Location 04: South of the Crater (Crashed space station) under some dead trees. (You can't miss it if you have the map)

The Mire Map Locations

Location 01: There is no location nearby, but you can see on the map above where it is. Search for a little shack witha scarcrow, the treasue is infront of it.

Location 02: Follow the traintracks to the end, the treasure should be on the right.

Location 03: Go to the highway above Harpers ferry and search for a truck with a yellow container. gow to the side of the road, and search the ground a bit, and you will find it.

Location 04: Go west from Crevasse dam, where the bridge crosses the river, look for a schoolbus with a tree on top and go down into the river. (U will find it there).

Location 05: East of the Excelsior model home near the highway. This treasure just blends in with the terrain.

Cranberry Bog Map Locations

Location 01: East from the Appalachian antiques and west from Watoga. search for a bridge with a big white truck on it, and just search under the bridge, behind some yellow flowers.

Location 02: East of the Ranger lookout search under a wooden bridge.

Location 03: (This one was very hard to find for me) Search for a big dead tree, west of Overgrown sundew grove and dig on the side of the tree, that faces the little lake nearby.

Location 04: This treasure ist above Pylon V-13. Look for the crashed part of the monorail, and then go to the concrete-support-thing left of the crashed part. The treasure should be right infront of it.

Written by Quwarkie69.

Game:   Fallout 76