Earth Defense Force 5 – Farming Guide

This guide will be showing you how to farm Edf 5 for alot of armor and weapons.

How to Farm

Mission Level

So the first part of the farm is the mission level. The mission level is the following: Offline mode-Mission 40 and Online mode-Mission 39.


For fast farming you need the difficulty to be easy or normal. Any difficulty above that you will have some trouble.

How to Start Farming Once In-Game

Best class to use is the air raider cause of the vehicles collection range. So when you start the mission you will spawn with a squad of rangers and you will need to clear out some waves of enemy’s. Once you get to the spider wave you will need to destroy 2 ships (any ship is fine). There will also be a fencer team at the bottom left corner of the map, they will help with the farm.

Once you have 1 ship left you will take your vehicle or what ever class your using and stay under the ship. The fencers will kill the enemy’s off very fast so no need to worry about dying or them dying to. This farm can go as long as you want unless the fencers move your vehicle so your gonna have to collect manually cause the max loot drop limit is 1000 so if you have a big vehicle your fine so you dont have to move.

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