ATOM RPG Trudograd – How to Obtain Power of Simplicity and Goose Sacrifice Achievements

Figured you might appreciate this guide, fellow gamers.

Achievement Guide

Power of Simplicity

This achievement is obtained during the resolution of the Sins Of The Past quest given by Dandelion the pimp in TG outskirts.


  • Intelligence <5.
  • Luck >5.

If you meet the conditions above you need to choose the “vigilante justice” line, offer 100 rubles and then choose the [Luck] line. Mission accomplished.

Goose Sacrifice

This method unlocked Goose Sacrifice achievement for me, but I’m not sure whether it should had done so…

The prerequisite for this achievement is in the very beginning of the game – the guy who has locked his keys inside the car in TG outskirts needs your help. Help him without using the [Attention] line. Most likely you’ll have enough for the [Lockpick] option.


  • Lockpicking >99.
  • Attention >5.
  • Personality >7.

Attention spots your reward, personality lets you ask for it succesfully, and you need to return it after asking for it.

During the Sins of the Past quest, same as the achievement before, it unlocked for me when I chose the same lines but had Luck of 5.

Written by Queegon

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