Rakion Chaos Force – Ninja Staging Tips

Quick rundown of things you should know when staging as a ninja.

Useful Tips for Ninja Staging

Ninja Staging Tips

  • Ninjas should never stage solo unless the stage is 1 person only. Now that cells are capped at lvl 30, its almost impossible for ninjas to solo anything that requires two or more people. Try to get mages and archers as staging partners.
  • Be ready to spend gold on potions. As a ninja, you have to buy potions because ninjas have low health and require a bunch of cp potions to summon cells. Gaining cp during the stage by just killing mobs is difficult due to ninjas’ low damage output. You either focus on leveling by spending gold or gaining gold by giving up on leveling.
  • Use the Sparta set for the set bonuses.
  • If you can afford it, chaos potions help a lot during stages. Ninjas are essentially useless but ninja chaos is a little helpful.
  • Use cells that have ranged attacks. Pirate captain, muskets, samurai, blazer, etc.. As a ninja you essentially don’t have a ranged attack. The cells must also require low CP to summon. A ninja can’t run around summoning dragons especially if they are wearing Sparta armor.
  • Use every single stage trick known to man. Sometimes ninjas need to use them just to clear the stage.
  • I personally don’t think a lvl 99 ninja is a good goal to have. Its extremely difficult because you need someone willing to stage with you at all times for any exp. Pretty much every other class can solo Stage 45. lvl 80 and f2p ninjas should be have enough stats since gear is what dictates how well people do in pvp. In fact, full zodiac gear and at lvl 50, you should be able to pvp fine but it requires you to play carefully.
  • Leveling as a ninja is ridiculously obnoxious. Good Luck.
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