Poly Bridge 2 – 100% Solutions for Pine Mountains (World 1)

Here are all under budget and under stress solutions for World 1 (Pine Mountains).

All Under Budget and Under Stress Solutions for World 1

1-1: Ten Meter Simple Bridge

1-2: A New Slope

1-3: Bridge of Steel

1-4: Fourteen Meter Overpass

1-5: Checkpoints

1-6: First Drawbridge

Both hydraulics are contracting by 10%.

1-7: Taxi Task

1-8: Rope Support

1-9: Budget Cuts

1-10: First Jump

Smaller spring is 80% compressed, larger is 10% compressed.

1-11: Stop N’ Go

Both hydraulics are contracting by 20%.

1-12: Rock Rest

1-13: Redraw

Both hydraulics are expanding by 15%.

1-14: Land Brace

1-15: Hydraulic Management

Hydraulic is contracting by 25% and is enabled in the first stage but disabled in second stage.

1-16: Large Bridge

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