Poly Bridge 2 – All Challenges Solutions for Sanguine Gulch (World 4)

A under budget and under stress solutions guide for world 4 challenges.

Guide to All Challenges Solutions in Sanguine Gulch

C4-1: Edgy

Both hydraulics are contracting by 50%.

C4-2: Collision Warning

C4-3: Sloped Drawbridge

The middle hydraulics is contracting by 50%, the others are expanding by 50%.

C4-4: Trap Door

Both springs are neutral.

C4-5: Triple Decker Drawbridge

The hydraulic is contracting by 45%.

C4-6: Safety Gap

C4-7: Big Spender

C4-8: Thread the Needle

C4-9: Tipping Tower

Both springs are neutral.

C4-10: Drawbridge in Disguise

The hydraulic is contracting by 50%.

C4-11: Lean on Me

C4-12: Trailblazer

C4-13: Diagonal Drawbridge

C4-14: Big Rigs

C4-15: Twists and Turns

The hydraulic is contracting by 50%.

C4-16: Don’t Leave Me

The hydraulic is expanding by 50%.

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