SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – All Socks Locations

Where to Find All Socks

Bikini Bottom

  • 1/8 The first sock is in Spongebob’s house, in the library. There you need to solve a puzzle to get to the sock.
  • 2/8 The second sock is given by Patrick.
  • 3/8 The third sock in Patrick’s house. Break the sofa so that the sock appears.
  • 4/8 The next sock can be found at Squidward’s house. Need to destroy all the things in his house.

The second part of the city is available after the story progresses.

  • 5/8 Hit the TV in a nursing home to make a sock appear.
  • 6/8 The nursing home has a fountain. Jump on it and perform an attack from above.

The third part of the city is available after the story progresses.

  • 7/8 Destroy all things in Krusty Krab.
  • 8/8 The last sock is behind the Krusty Krab diner.

Jellyfish Fields

  • 1/14 At the very beginning of the level. Go around the rock to the right.

  • 2/14 On the next island, after you have built the bridge. Near the sea there is a button on the mountain. Click on it and pop up barrels that can be used to move to a neighboring island.

  • 3/14 Another sock will be given out after the game of skittles. But first you need a skill for throwing soap bubbles.
  • 4/14 The next sock is on the highest elevation. You can get to it by plants that repel.

  • 5/14 In the same place where you started jumping for the previous sock, but now jump on the mountain behind. On the mountain, on the fountain.
  • 6/14 This sock can only be obtained by Patrick. Freeze the water with ice and run to the sock.

  • 7/14 The next location is. When going down, jump into the fork on the right.

  • 8/14 At the end of the descent, you need to jump on the hill to the right. There will be a sock there. If it didn’t work out, then there is a box for returning to the top.
  • 9/14 The next sock can be found by playing for Patrick. In the cave, when you first need to put one watermelon on another, look up and see the sock. To get it, you need to put one watermelon on top of another and climb on them.
  • 10/14 In a cave near the exit. Freeze the water and take the sock.
  • 11/14 After leaving the cave, switch to Spongebob and shoot down all the targets. To do this, you need the ability to shoot soap bubbles, which will become available only after moving through the story.

  • 12/14 In the cave, you can only get there from the highest white mushroom.

  • 13/14 Going up, you will find an ice cube and climb up. Go along the cliff to the left and find the sock.

  • 14/14 After defeating the boss, go downhill. At the first turn, jump down and go down this route, on this way you will find a sock.

Downtown Bikini Bottom

  • 1/9    Behind the barrel. Not far from the Plankton statue.

  • 2/9    On the platform, not far from the house with enemies.

  • 3/9    After the start of the jumps for Sandy.

  • 4/9    Not far from the exit, behind the house.

  • 5/9    The next location. At the very beginning, go around the back of the house, change your character to Spongebob and click the button nearby. On the jump pad, jump up, there’s a sock.
  • 6/9    Not far from the pipe that Sandy is supposed to roll down.

  • 7/9    At the very end of this location, in front of the entrance. Go around the building, there is a sock behind it.
  • 8/9    After descending down and defeating the enemies, jump pad will appear if you press the button. Go up them to the top, there appeared a sock.
  • 9/9    In Mr. Krabs’s bunker, in the South corridor. You can open the door only after Spongebob can launch soap bubbles.

Goo Lagoon

  • 1/11 It is necessary to jump Patrick on all the rescue towers.

  • 2/11 On the roof of the house where Mrs.Puff.

  • 3/11 At the entrance to the sand castle.

  • 4/11 Playing as Patrick, freeze the water in the sand castle and run to the sock.

  • 5/11 There is another sock at the top of the tower. Use the visor from the previous screenshot to climb up.
  • 6/11 In the cave where sea urchins roll down, there is a sock on one of the ledges in the wall.

  • 7/11 Not far from the previous sock.

  • 8/11 At the exit, you can switch to Patrick and freeze the water. Go a little further straight and find the sock.

  • 9/11 Win the game “Whack a Tiki” in Goo Lagoon pier location.
  • 10/11 Kill all the enemies on the rink. On the ice rink shown in the screenshot.

  • 11/11 On the roof of the tent. You can get there by sliding down the slope nearby.

Rock Bottom

  • 1/9 On a rock, near the entrance to the Museum.

  • 2/9 In the Museum, at the entrance. Just below the balcony where you appeared.
  • 3-4/9 Jumping on the lamps in the Museum you will find 2 socks.

  • 5/9 After leaving the Museum, continue walking through the city. The sock is in plain sight.
  • 6-7/9 The next 2 socks in the location with lasers. First sock at the bottom. The second sock can be obtained on bungee. To activate the bungee, you need to pay for seashells.

  • 8-9/9 The remaining 2 socks are on the descent, where Mr. Krabs is. After passing under the bridge, jump to the left, there is the first sock. Then there’s the second sock.


  • 1/4 In the very first location, move the platform to the hook. Go down the bungee down for a sock.
  • 2/4 In the next location, go down the slope, which is near by Barnacle Boy. At the very descent there is a lantern on which the sock is located.

  • 3/4 In the cave, not far from the computer, there is a shell. Activate the shell and down goes the platform on which you can get to the sock.

  • 4/4 Beyond the curb, a puzzle with a ball.

Sand Mountain

  • 1/10 At the very beginning of the location. Destroy the sandman.

  • 2/10 At the bottom of the cliff.

  • 3-5/10 Guppy Mound location. At the very beginning, select the upper path for the first jump. At the next fork, choose the left path. At the finish line, choose the right path.

  • 6/10 Flounder Hill location. On the next descent, always choose the upper path. The second red pipe will have a sock on it.

  • 7/10 Destroy all sandmen. At the finish, you will see a sock.
  • 8-9/10 Sand Mountain location. During the descent for sandy, use all jump pads. After the second jump pad, jump and use the rope to get out of the descent.

  • 10/10 Playing as Spongebob repeat the same route as for Sandy. But now, after the second jump pad, a Sandstone will fall and roll along the track. Follow this stone and find the sock.

Kelp Forest

  • 1-2/7 Shoot down all the figurines with a bubble. Next to the previous sock, climb up on the statuettes, and then on the orange leaves.

  • 3/7 There’s a river behind Mrs.Puff, and there’s an ice cube on that river. Freeze the river, near the island with the ice cube is a sock. Right next to the waterfall.
  • 4/7 In the gorge with the shell there is a ledge in the rock, on this ledge is a sock.

  • 5/7 From the shell, turn left and follow the gorge until you find 2 orange leaves. They will throw you on a rock with a watermelon. Look around and find the sock, it’s on a nearby rock.

  • 6/7 At the end of the cave where you collected crystals for Barnacle Boy. The sock is located at the shortcut to Barnacle Boy.
  • 7/7 The last sock on the descent. Always use an orange leaf that throws you up.

Flying Dutchman’s Graveyard

  • 1/3 Inside the back of the wrecked ship.

  • 2/3 On a metal ship. Fly sandy to the mast of the ship, and from there to the front of the ship, along the way collect a sock.
  • 3/3 Graveyard Lake location. Cling to the rope and get to the destroyed mast of the ship.

SpongeBob’s Dream

  • 1/5 The sock is located behind the building. You can only go around the building on the left.

  • 2-3/5 After completing the Plankton tasks and taking the first sock, go back to the descent. On the descent, choose the left route, then go up. At the end of the descent you will find another sock.

  • 4/5 The sock is in Squidward’s dream. The sock is located between the third and fourth control point. To pick it up, you need to jump down and jump to the fourth check point again.

  • 5/5 In Mr.Krabs dream.

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