Titanfall 2 – The Monarch Titan Guide

The Monarch is the best Titan in Titanfall 2. A clear choice and head and shoulders above the other Titans in the game. With clear offensive and defensive capabilities that far outweigh the strengths of the other Titans.

Guide to The Monarch Titan


Why the Monarch?

In my humble opinion, the Monarch is the absolute king of the Titans in Titanfall 2. This Titan is adaptable to any playstyle and any skill level to be a perfectly adaptable piece of weaponry. What I aim to do in this guide is to explain in detail the mechanics, playstyles, and pros of using the Monarch as your go-to Titan in Titanfall 2. This guide will be broken down into sections based on what I think is important to cover and my goal is that once you read this guide, you never want to play any other Titan again.

Mechanics and Ability Choices

The Monarch Titan has several abilities that it can wield to turn it into the powerhouse that it is (these are my key bindings):

  • Q – Rocket Salvo.
  • Mouse 4 – Energy Siphon.
  • G – Rearm.
  • V – Upgrade Core (when available).

Now to go over each ability starting with the rocket salvo. Rocket Salvo is the main damage output for your Monarch. This thing fires damaging rockets and should be used every time it becomes available. You can use it on grunts and other pilots but I recommend saving it for dealing with enemy Titans as it is extremely strong versus armor.

Next is the Energy Siphon. This ability keeps you alive a lot longer than any Titan when used properly. Use it against armored targets (Titans, Reapers, Spectres) to gain either a quarter or half of a shield for you Titan depending on which upgrades you choose. Either way this is a supremely useful tool in maintaining survivability so you can reach your upgrade core.

Then comes the Rearm ability. This is what makes this Titan so unique when compared to others. It essentially allows you to use your abilities, and then use them all over again right after. My recommendation is to use your abilities in this order – Energy Siphon, Rocket Salvo, Rearm, Energy Siphon, Rocket Salvo. This will deal damage, gain you health, and allow you to do the process twice.

Once you’ve lasted long enough and performed enough super amazing dope great phenom pro moves, you get to upgrade your titan! There are plenty of viable options for what upgrades you choose, but I have picked the following:

  • Upgrade 1: Missile Racks.
  • Upgrade 2: Rearm and Reload.
  • Upgrade 3: Superior Chassis.

Missile Racks makes you fire a lot more missiles for a lot more damage against enemy Titans (Wow! That’s a lot of damage!)! Then the Rearm and Reload upgrade means your Titans Rearm ability is done much much faster which reduces the time between your ability combos. Lastly, Superior Chassis upgrades your health and removes any weak points in the Titan… If he had any! Those three upgrades, when compared to the others, are always my go to. The only other option I have played around with is improving your XO-16 with the upgrade 1 Arc Rounds but I still enjoy the Missile Racks more.

This is my full Monarch loadout:

Playstyles for Success

There are two main playstyles that the Monarch can use to find success on the battlefield. They are simply dubbed passive and aggressive. As I personally prefer a more passive route I will be going over that first.

Passive Boi

The goal of the passive playstyle is to play in such a way that keeps you alive until you can get your Monarch to upgrade level 3. This involves mostly staying out of engagements with other Titans and focusing on hunting down Pilots and grunts. This in turn lets you become stronger over time and eventually unstoppable.

If you follow my loadout, on upgrade 3 Superior Chassis, you become the tankiest Titan in the game. A larger health pool and a removal of all weak points will mean you stay alive longer and easier than most other Titans. You can then turn way more aggressive and actively hunt out other Titans as you will be able to dispatch most of them with ease.

Aggressive Dude

Secondly, you can play aggressive. This playstyle is a higher risk, higher reward pathway of upgrades but will get you to upgrade 3 quicker when you are successful. In this playstyle, you want to actively hunt for batteries, whether that means attempting to steal some or if the batteries are already on the map.

I’ve had games where I’ve found 2 or 3 batteries in an area and have been able to jump out, quickly grab them, and phase shift back to my Titan for easy upgrade percentages. This is the ideal situation for this style and rarely ever happens.

How to choose?

I choose based on the situation. When I get my Titan I look on my minimap and ask, are there batteries available? Am I playing with friends or solo? How confident am I against the enemy team?

If you find that there are batteries on the map OR if you are playing with friends who can steal batteries for you, playing aggressive is the way to go. If you find yourself solo queuing and without batteries, playing it safe until they become available is the better option there.


The Monarch is clearly the choice of the Titanfall 2 Pilot who wants to destroy his opposition with numerous adaptive capabilities. You become a walking talk that deals damage and death to any who oppose you as you stride across the battlefield. The Monarch earns its name as it is the king of all the Titans and is the best choice for any player.

Give the Monarch a thumbs up and if you haven’t yet, give him a try out on the battlefield.

Written by MoDen31


  1. I just read another titanfall 2 blog that ranked all the Titans from worst to best putting the monarch as the second worst (with scorch getting the win for worst), monarch was followed by legion and in the best class was Tone.
    I don’t get their logic at all, the reason it was considered so bad was basically summed into “it’s basically two vanguard titans scrapped together to make one functional titan”. I may not have worded it exactly, but close enough.

    I agree with the monarch being a beast for your Titan of choice, when I first started playing yeah I though that Tone was solid, now I hate playing it personally.
    The proper use of the Monarch makes it worthy of its name. With survival of the fittest I can put her in guard mode and proceed to running down Titans with rodeo that drop (plus clearing all the reaper and smaller enemies and allow her to run in guard mode, then return around the time the attacking Titans get half way to the harvester I’m back and use the battery to bring her back from the brink if needed. In guard mode the assault rifle type primary weapon is solid for keeping those enemy’s that slipped by or keeping a steady level of hurt on enemy flyer numbers. It’s like have a super turret ready with the second wave.
    In the second or third wave I will hop in and start letting the salvo and energy syphon keep order for the rest of the match. The primary weapon is great for handling the small threats and retreating if you need a second before your main special weapons recharge, which only happens in the most dense titan on titan part of the match.
    I also like that the XZ assault style main has some magnification available for getting the attention of reapers and Titans so they don’t just rush the the harvester. It gives you a solid way to put some hurt on them and gets their attention from a mid to long range position even if they are behind some cover. Once you tag them with a few rounds they will often move themselves into a better position for you to unleash your rocket & energy syphon barrage.

    The only thing I don’t like about the Monarch is that they didn’t make a prime option for it, but that a small complaint.

    Normally I wouldnt go into so much detail or comment on a post where the last comment was 9 months ago but that blog post that gave the Tone the top spot just didn’t sit well with me. But in the end it’s about your play style and what works for the individual, but the Monarch is a fun to play Titan that has a lot of benefits. But the Ion is prob number 2 with me and it’s the most basic option available in my opinion but man is it easy to clear those little red a$$hole ticks. (This is what happens when you set aside a good game for a year, come back, and realize how fun it still is to play.)

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