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Superflight - How to Get a High Combo (More Than 80000)

Written by gak   /   Jun 30, 2020    

The seed is: 1715354836

If you can figure out what to do just with that info... cool. For the rest, here's a step by step guide and a video.

How To Guide

Step 1: Use AWSD instead of a joystick. Having the input of 3 fingers at all times gives you more control than moving around your thumb in all 8 directions.

Step 2: Go through these end-to-end bread-like structures which appear slightly North-East from the starting point.

Step 3: Go through the entire passage while being very close to the walls to get praises.

Step 4: Turn North-West and stay to the right of the hills ahead.

Step 5: From here on, follow this video and go through the exact same path as shown while keeping close to walls so you won't reset the combo.


After that you can keep going through the flat plains throughout the level until you are tired.

Remember that all the points are nullified if you crash at any point during your run. So you should know your limits and move away from the walls for a second to end the combo.

After you end the combo, you can try to get a higher total score or restart the level to try again.

Always make sure you have enough momentum to fly over flat areas and when in doubt, always try to exit the boundaries of the level or move away from any walls immediately to save your combo before crashing.

Written by gak.

Game:   Superflight