Outer Wilds – Breaching Giant’s Deep Guide

Are you stuck on the surface of Giant’s deep? Fear not friend! Because this guide shall help you to breach not only the current, but also the electric field. Secrets await!

How Do Not Stuck On the Surface of Giant’s Deep

Getting Through the Ocean Current

This is the easy part. As you will quickly notice, Giant’s Deep has a seemingly impenetrable current. However, you soon find out that Feldspar made it through, before heading to Dark Bramble. But how?

There are several ways to do this, Three of which are rarely used, unless you want the “Deep plunge” achievement, which is obtained by passing the current without using option 4.

Option 1

This is the hardest to do in my opinion. You must fly your ship head first into the current from space at tremendous seed. This is extremely difficult as you must achieve seeds that range around 14000 – 18000 m/s.

Option 2

Use the Nomai shuttle on Brittle Hollow and fly it into the ocean. It’ll drop like a rock.

Option 3

Stay on an island until a tornado picks you up and drops you. Stay on the island until in space, where you should position yourself underneath the island. When it lands, it will push you under (I’d recommend Gabro’s island for this one).

Option 4

The easiest of the bunch. Just fly south until you find a group of tornados look for the one that appears to spin the wrong way. fly into it, it will suck you under the current.

The Sentient Electric Barrier

Congratulations! You have passed the first barrier! But what is this? An electric barrier seems to be blocking your way! And it follows your every move with a glowing, crimson eye? How do you get past it?

For this challenge you must use trickery. A camouflage!

First, you will have to find one of the glowing jellyfish. Swim up to it and position yourself directly under it. This is the only place that wont sting you. Then use your jet pack to fly directly up into it. You should pass right through to the head cavity.

Once inside, the jellyfish will begin to sink. It will insulate you from the barrier. It will spit you out once you are through completely.

Great! Your in. Now what?

At the coral core of the planet, you will find the eye tracking module, wedged between some coral. Inside are important lore parts.

Additional Notes on Giant’s Deep

There is one more secret of the depths. Well. Not really depths. At the north pole of Giants Deep, you will find a tornado far larger than any other. You will also notice that you can’t just pass through it, you will have to fly over the tornado’s arms and into the eye of the storm via space.

Inside the eye you will find one of the places of the Nomai’s quantum pilgrimige – A quantum tower.

Inside the tower you will learn how to utilise quantum objects.

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