Outer Wilds – Points of Interest (Dark Bramble)

Points of Interest


  • Feldspar, the lost member of Outer Wilds Ventures, is located deep within Dark Bramble and can be found by either following their harmonica with the signalscope or launching a probe into the seed on Timber Hearth and following the scout’s location.


  • Located slightly further than Feldspar is a hollow vine leading to a hidden crack in Dark Bramble’s exterior crust fragments. Asking Feldspar how to reach the core of Giant’s Deep will direct the player to a Frozen Jellyfish, embedded in the ice. The Frozen Jellyfish, and Feldspar’s notes regarding it, hints at how to access the core of Giant’s Deep.

Escape Pod 3

  • While Escape Pods 1 and 2 successfully fled Dark Bramble, Escape Pod 3 was not as lucky and never managed to escape. Escape Pod 3 is found deep within Dark Bramble by using the Signalscope.

The Vessel

  • Located very deep within Dark Bramble is the origin point for the Nomai in the Solar System; their Vessel. The Vessel is an ancient Nomai spaceship that was damaged and evacuted shortly after the Nomai’s arrival in the Solar System. It can be located by following the light trail from Escape Pod 3 to the Bramble Seed, shooting a probe through it, and following the probe’s location.

Dark Bramble Map

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