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Persona 4 Golden - How to Level Up and Farm Money (Fastest Way)

Written by EgoKill13   /   Jul 8, 2020    

Guide to Levelling and Farming Money

I saw this method in a forum and i wanted to share this. In order to make this more fast and efficient we are going to use golden hands, because they give you a ridiculously big mount of EXP and Money (this guide is specially helpful if you want to complete the compendium ASAP).

First of all, the best place to farm golden hands is in the fifth dungeon Secret Laboratory. In this dungeon you´ll have to go to the sixth floor. This floor is not random like the majority of the floors in Persona 4, so if you go straight forward in this floor, you are always going to find 3 shadows, and if none of these shadows is a golden hand, you are going to go to fifth floor and go to the sixth again until a golden hand come up. If you´re lucky, you are going to fight 4 of them, earning 60.000 EXP and 40.000-50.000 if you kill them all.

You´ll have to go with only one partner in order to gain the most ammount of EXP and Money and have a Persona with an Almighty skill (Megido, Megidola or Megidolaon) toatie is a good one if you have low level (You can Upgrade Megido to Megidola with a Skill Up in a Shuffle Time) but Trumpeter is also a Good option. You´ll have to Buff the MC and Debuff the hands if you are not doing enough damage or failing attacks. I Personally recommend Chie if you haven´t beat this dungeon yet, because she can do Critical hits. But if you´re doing this after the dungeon Naoto is way better since you´ll have 2 Almighty Atacks per turn.

Remember that if you dont attack and only uses buffs/debuffs skills or guard, Golden Hands dont run away in the first turn.

The SP will be a problem because to recover it you´ll have to pay a lot of money, here are some tips to make the grinding more efficient:

  1. Maximaze the Social Link of Hermit. The Fox is going to give you discounts (60 yen per Sp in Rank 1 and 15 yen per Sp in Rank 10).
  2. Get a Persona With an Almighty Skill And Spell Master or an Skill to recover Sp (This is tricky tho, because the personas that have these skills have mostly high levels).

If you havent maximazed the hermit S-Link and dont have another way to restore Sp than the fox, dont worry, in my current playthrough i didn't do the S-link and didnt have any other way to restore Sp than the fox, you can do this the times you want anyway but you´re going to spend a lot of money.

Written by EgoKill13.