Persona 4 Golden – Reaper Farming Guide

I’m making this guide since a lot of new players are getting into P4G and don’t know how the reaper works.

Guide to Reaper Farming

Before You Start Farming

I recommend that the party be at least LV 70, preferably 80. You’ll also need Goho-M depending on how many times you want to farm; a minimum of three needed (buy on rainy days for 20% off).

Unlike Persona 3, we cant choose a death card or afk for 3 minutes, though this way isnt difficult either.


  • Go to Yukiko’s Castle (all dungeons work, but this is the easiest one).
  • Make your way to the 5th floor and don’t open any treasures chests (no need to kill shadows). pop an Goho-M to save that floor for later.
  • Enter the first floor and check the map to ensure there are 4 treasures (Rise Skill lv 43).

Usually four spawn, but I know that sometimes 3-2 spawn from experience. We need 20 chests, so open all 4 treasures (fighting shadows are optional). After you open all 4 treasure chests on that floor, make sure to return to the entrance and repeat this a total of five times (4×5=20).

  • Save your game and Go to Yukiko Castle one more time and quick travel to the 5th floor.
  • There will be 2 chests on this floor. Open one and you should hear chains rattling. Open the 2nd chest and hope it’s a Reaper chest. Teddie/rise will warn you not to open it if it doesn’t spawn Reload and try again from floor 5.
  • After defeting the reaper, pop an Goho-M save the game, then rinse and repeat how many times you want.


You’ll find end-game items, so it’s worth going for them even if it’s your first playthrough or just for the achievement.

  • Blade of Totsuka
  • Godly Robe
  • Malakh
  • And many more

Godly robe increases all stats by 10, So it’s definitely worth it.


Items such as weapons for a specific character spawn only once there in your party after defeting the repaer.

That concludes everything happy farming.

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