Persona 4 Golden – How to Beat All Bosses (Easy and Fast)

This guide is about on how to beat all the bosses in Persona 4. I’m getting smashed with a ton of exams so it might not be completed quickly.

Bosses Guide

Yosuke’s Shadow

Just spam Zio on him; choose guard when he guards. If he uses power charge, then zio him and use the extra turn to guard.

Chie’s Shadow

Another easy fight; spam Yosuke’s Garu as long as her Green Wall isn’t active. Whenever the game indicates that she is gazing at Yosuke; make him guard. If you don’t then she’ll pull off Bottomless Envy which knocks Yosuke down and allows her to have an extra turn.

Avenger Knight

The first hard boss fight of the game. He resists physical and doesn’t get knocked down by any other elements; and can one shot you easily (it is guaranteed if you’re under level 10). Your best option is to just simply spam elemental attacks; keep you crew’s HP high and revive them if they die.

Best way to deal with him is to use Slime with Resist Physical.

Yukiko’s Shadow

If you thought Avenger Knight was hard, then think again. She has a plethora of tricks up her sleeve to make your life extremely hard. Don’t use fire based Personas as fire moves heal her.

During the battle, she can summon Charming Prince to heal her and aid her in fighting you. If she does that; use ice attacks on him to knock him down. If Yukiko deploys White Wall, then use physical attacks instead.

When she’s down to 50% of her health she will use Burn To Ashes, a fire based AOE move. It will deal a ton of of damage to your party, and hit Chie’s weakness. Make sure your Persona has media and have the rest of the gang do the damage.

My recommended Persona for this fight is Senri. She resists fire and has Media once she hits level 15. It does take quite a bit of work to grind up to that level though; but its definitely foolproof as long as you take caution.

Contrarian King

I highly recommend skipping him until you hit mid 20s level wise. His rampage can cause around 200 ish damage, and you best bet are Personas that are resistant to Physical attacks. Casting Sukukaja from Yosuke on party members means that you have a 50% chance of getting hit by it.

Casting Tarunda and Sukunda are also good, but don’t use fire based attacks as he absorbs them.

Daring Gigas

A ♥♥♥ easy boss as long as you prepare for him. He spends most of the time charging up his attacks; meaning that if he hits; he hits amazingly hard. When he uses power charge, make sure everyone guards.

Spam media and assorted healing spells if needed; and personas that resist physical can make your life easier. He isn’t weak or resistant to any elementals (aside from being unaffected by light/ darkness, which is something all bosses have); so make sure if you’re not guarding or healing spam your crew’s best moves on him.

Shadow Kanji

Arguably the hardest boss in game. This fight is highly physical attack based; so make sure your persona resists it. Support Skills are also highly welcomed (Preferably Tarunda). Best consumables for the fight are Medical Kits, Dokudami Teas and Sedatives. I find 3 of the kit good enough, whilst around 10 of the others would be alright for worst case scenarios.

The fight is split into two parts. The minions (Nice + Tough Guy) and Kanji himself. The minions compliment Kanji very well, so beating the minions first is the cornerstone of your victory.

Part 1

Your first focus would be Nice Guy. This is because he heals shadow Kanji and adds fire resistance to Tough Guy. He is weak to ice attacks so use Chie to keep him out of commission as much as possible whenever Kanji’s white wall has expired. This can be cut short when Shadow Kanji give him White Wall. After that, focus on physical attacks. Do note that he nullifies fire damage and is strong against wind.

Tough Guy is your next target. He pulls off Sonic Punches and Rampage and contributes greatly in your team pretty much bleeding HP every turn. He’s weak to Fire, so use Yukiko to keep him busy and can be further exploited as Nice Guy isn’t here to give him a Fire Wall. He nullifies Ice damage and is strong against wind.

Part 2

Shadow Kanji is painful. Throughout the fight, he charges up attacks; deals electric damage; and pulls Forbidden Murmur, which poisons male foes, and Roar of Wrath, which enrages female foes. He can also use Spirit Drain; which drains 30 SP. The worst thing would be Revolution; which buffs both him and the Guy’s crit chance. Don’t waste your time on electric attacks as he heals from them.

Intolerant Officer

Strong attacks (that can strip 3/4 of your HP if you’re not careful), but his weakness to electricity means that you can spam it and use the second turn to guard. He can also poison your characters, so Dokudami Tea would be recommended.

Amorous Snake

Another easy fight but its a race against the clock. He’s weak to fire, so yukiko really shines in this fight. For your Persona; anything that has Agilao is good, such as Hua Po.

His pattern only consists of Stagnant Air at the beginning of the battle, then use Virus Wave sometime after. He can also use Mind Slice too; so make sure you have Chie at SL rank 2, or have some sedatives at your disposal.

As long as you ensure that your crew’s HP is over 50% this fight is pretty lacking in tension.

Rise’s Shadow

The easiest boss in the game; just spam your best attacks; keep your crew’s HP high.

She can use Mind Slice and some low level spells, but its nothing noteworthy. The only thing worth paying attention to is when she uses Supreme Insight; just use guard.

The fight would be over when she’s lost 50% of her health.

Shadow Teddie

Shadow Teddie is the real boss in Rise’s dungeon, but he’s pretty boring once you understand his pattern. If you’re well prepared, its basically a battle of endurance.

Recommended Personas would be Ganga or Unicorn as they are immune to ice.

His pattern is: Mind Charge, and then Mabufula.

Another less common pattern would be Marakunda, and then use Heat Wave.

Buffs are out if the window as he will use Dekaja Chances are.

Yukiko is your great as a healer, but have her guard every time he uses Mind Charge. Not only does If you fail, he can use Mabufula, and get an extra turn. This can always mean endless Mind Charges and Mabufulas again and again.

The third thing to pay attention to is Foolish Whisper as it can silence all your characters. Bring a few mouthwashes to solve this.

Nihil Hand is your best friend thanks to it taking to turns tocharge up. When he starts charging, go all out on him. On the second turn he’s charging, guard. When he finally hits and everyone is guarding, this will result in 0 damage. The first round can also be used as a good window for healing.

My final tip would be have Yukiko spam media as much as possible. This fight can go horribly wrong if he changes antics, so having as much HP as possible is paramount.

Momentary Child

Recommended Persona: Ganga due to Bufula and Mediarama.

Only thing noteworthy is Herculean Strike which can eat over half of your party’s hp away, so Media or Mediarama is pretty important.

Stat’s wise, he’s weak to ice, so make sure you spam it as much as possible, and use guard on the second turn. Having having Teddie cast Mediarama instead of Bufula for one turn is also good.

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