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F1 2020 - Achievement Guide

Written by bloodtobleed   /   Jul 10, 2020    

A categorised list of all achievements, a place for discussion, and any tips on how to get them.

General Achievements

Make it Yours

Edit a Driver, Car and Badge in Customisation

Go to the Customisation tab on the main menu and enter each of the customisation sections and change everything. You should get this when you initially create your character.

Glove at First Sight

Equip a new pair of gloves from the Podium Pass or Item Shop

Buy a new pair of gloves from the store or earn a pair from Podium Pass and equip them through the Player Customisation section.

My Precious

Set a favourite trophy

View your super license by pressing F10 on your keyboard (L3 on controller) while on the main menu. Go to the Trophy tab and set a trophy. To earn a trophy, win a race in career mode or participate in a weekly online event.


Read information on any car in the showroom

Go to the Showroom tab on the main menu and view any car from any type (F1/Classic/F2).

Look at you go!

Play a captured highlight

Go to the Theatre tab on the main menu and view any of your previous races.

One for the 'gram

Make an adjustment within photo mode

While in a highlight playback (see "Look at you go!" achievement above), enter photo mode using the default key of Tab (Options / Start on PS4/Xbox) and change any of the settings from the menu. You may have to change tabs to get to the actual photo settings.

You Didn't See Anything

Activate a Flashback

Press Tab / Options / Start during a race and select the "Instant Reply / Flashback" option. Press F1 (Square on Playstation / X on Xbox) to activate Flashback.

Dat Reaction Speed (DRS)

Activate DRS perfectly on all zones of any track

Easily done in a Career/My Team practice session doing the Track Acclimatisation program.

Front of the Grid

Achieve pole position

Finish first during qualifying.

Hats Off

Get on the F1 podium for the first time

Finish a race in first, second, or third.

The Perfect Weekend

Set the fastest time in all 3 Practice sessions, take Pole Position and win the Grand Prix

Easiest to do in Career/My Team. Participate in every practice session (don't simulate anything) and have the fastest time in all sessions and qualifying. Then win the race!

Phoenix from the Ashes

Win a race after starting in last position on the grid

Disqualify, DNF, or place last in qualifying and then win the race. Easy enough to do on Lv20 AI over a 3/5-lap race.

Who You Gonna Call?

Beat a Personal Best Ghost and Rival Ghost in Time Trial

Go to the Solo tab in the main menu and select Time Trial. Set a slow time on a track and then perform a faster lap than the two ghosts.

Ditch the Downforce

Complete a clean Time Trial lap using the 'Maximum Top Speed' car set up preset

Before leaving the garage on a Time Trial, navigate to the Car Setup tab and select the 'Maximum Top Speed' preset.

Chicken Dinner

Win any Championship Event

Not 100% sure whether this includes the Career/My Team championships but you can go to the Solo tab of the main menu and enter the Championship mode to complete one of those. There is a 5-event "Legendary Tracks Classic" championship to minimise effort on this one.

Become One with the Car

Complete a race using Elite Driver Proficiency (Standard Race Style)

This can be done anywhere but to save your rank online or progress in a career mode, do this in a Grand Prix. When you get to the Grand Prix setup, change your assist Driving Proficiency to the preset setting of 'Elite' in the Assists tab. This can be done on a 3-lap race, you just have to reach the finish line.

Get Shifty

Win a race whilst using manual transmission

In your assist settings before the race, change the transmission setting to 'Manual' or 'Manual and Suggested Gear' and win the race.

Track Specific Achievements

You'll most likely not pick these up in the course of playing the game.

Mad Tash for the Finish Line

Win a race in the 1992 Williams FW14B at Silverstone

Select Classic Cars from the Grand Prix setup, set the car as the 1992 Williams FW14B and set the track to Silverstone (Britain).

Red River Racer

Complete a 25% or above race at Hanoi

Select any type of cars from GP, set the track as Hanoi. Make sure the race length is configured to 25% (or higher) and finish the race.

The Orange Army

Win a race at Zandvoort as Max Verstappen

Select F1 2020 cars, select Red Bull, choose Max Verstappen as your driver and set the track as Zandvoort (Netherlands).

We Are the Champions

Gain 9 positions during a wet race at Brazil in the Brawn BGP 001

Select Classic Cars from the Grand Prix setup, set the car as the 2009 Brawn GP BGP-001, and set the track as Brazil. When you configure the GP, go to the weather tab and set the weather either to wet or very wet. Make sure to set a qualifying method and you can disqualify yourself or crash out of qualifying to start from the back, or just post a slow time. If aggressive you can do this on a 3-lap race with low-level AI.

My Team / Career Achievements

Here Comes the Money

Complete 2 or more Secondary Sponsor Goals in one race weekend

Legend Status Achieved

Win the F1 Drivers Championship

Making Paper

Reach $100,000,000 lifetime earnings in My Team mode

Promising Start

Complete your first race weekend in My Team mode

Remember the Name

Reach a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team mode

Show Off!

Complete 5 Invitational events during My Team or Driver Career

Started from the Bottom

Win the Constructors Championship with your team in My Team mode

The Camera Loves You

Answer 100 press interview questions in My Team or Driver Career

Big Name Signing

Successfully hire an acclaim level 15 or higher Driver in My Team mode

Busy Body

Successfully completed 50 activities in My Team mode

Full Potential

Fully upgrade any facility area in My Team

Its Time for the Perk-olator

Purchase all available Perks in Driver Career or My Team

Maxing Out

Apply all vehicle upgrades from one R&D department

New Kids on the Block

Set up your own F1 team and show your car to the world at the pre-season car reveal


Fill every sponsor slot with sponsors on a Car livery

While this can be done in Career/My Team, you can add sponsors to your multiplayer car through the Customisation system.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Successfully complete a Driver/Team Negotiation during a season in Driver Career or My Team

Team Building

Purchase any upgrade for a Facility in My Team

Data Gatherer

Complete 10 Practice Programmes in F1 during My Team or Driver Career

First Outing

Drive your team's car out on track for the first time in My Team mode

Enter a practice / qualifying / race session in your team's car.

Who are you!?

Change your driver head part way through a My Team or Driver Career playthrough

Enter the player customization from the main menu and change the face of your character.

Online Achievements

Ohh Friends

Join a League

Have a friend invite you to a League and accept the invitation.

What do you want, a medal?

Get a League Medal

Finish first, second, or third in a League.

So it Begins

Complete Ranked Placement races and achieve a Rank

Complete 5 online ranked races and receive your placement rank.

Grab the Popcorn

Spectate an online race

Easily done by finding an unranked lobby. There is an option to Spectate on the left-hand side, select that and watch the race unfold!

Finding your Feet

Complete 10 Online Races

Finish 10 races in any online mode (league/unranked/ranked).

Well on Your Way

Complete 25 Online Races

Finish 25 races in any online mode.

Half Centurion

Complete 50 Online Races

Finish 50 races in any online mode.

Bragging Rights

Win any online race

Enter either a League race or a ranked/unranked lobby and finish in 1st place.

Squeaky Clean

Complete 10 Clean Online races

Get no penalties or warnings in an online race. You'll need to avoid all collisions and keep within the track limits.

Written by bloodtobleed.

Game:   F1 2020