Littlewood – Flower Breeding Guide

A guide to help you complete the Flower Room in the museum.

How to Complete the Flower Room

Things to Note

I’ll repeat some stuff throughout the guide, but here are some little notes to start off with.

  • Some times the flowers just reproduce themselves.
  • Watering can has a range of 2 x 3 tiles.
  • You don’t need to water when it rains.
  • Watering does not take up any energy.
  • Gardening is not a skill, let alone one that you can level up.
  • You don’t water in front of the flowers, but on top — you must stand on a flower to water it as well as any that fall into the 2 x 3 range.

Base Flowers & Where to Find Them

You start off the game with flowers scattered randomly throughout your town with base colors red, yellow, and white. Not every base color and flower are guaranteed. I had to find the red Dewcap.

Base Flowers

  • Lollypops
  • Dewcaps
  • Zigzags

Flowers can be found in the Endless Forest. The more you level up in woodcutting (and getting access to the other helicopter bugs), I believe, the more likely you’ll be to find the Beeford Bee Friend or Harold Pockets who are both surrounded by various flowers of all types. Or this could just be up to luck. not entirely sure.

Beeford The Bee Friend will have the yellow and white varieties of all the base flower types while Harold Pockets will have blue of all flower types.

The Watering Can

You can’t “gather” your flowers once you’ve placed them in town as you would in the Endless Forest (you need to go to Build Mode to get rid of them and place them), but if you interact with them, it’ll say something along the lines of “you need a watering can to water these.”

To unlock the watering can, you need to complete the first page of requests for Bubsy, that turquoise bird. Build the desk in his home which gives you access to what he wants. Items can be bought at Dalton’s Store or from the merchants at Port City Deluca (accessible after a certain airship upgrade).

Sleep once you’ve completed page one, and you’ll wake up the next day with a “Bubsy has a gift for you” message. It waters an area of 2 x 3.

Just like Animal Crossing, the flower is all glittery when it’s watered. you don’t need to water when it rains obviously, but so far, I’ve found rainy days hard to come by and when they do, it’s back to back. Unlike Animal Crossing, you can run over these flowers and they won’t die / disappear. If you don’t water them, they won’t breed. they will just simply exist (like me rn).

Breeding Combos

Sadly, these combinations only apply to the base colors of red, yellow, and white. i.e. you can’t breed a pink Zigzag and pink Dewcap to get a pink Floof.

  • Lollypop + Zigzag = Wickid
  • Zigzag + Dewcap = Floof
  • Lollypop + Dewcap = Tootsie

I personally like laying my flowers diagonally from one another like this. It allows me to more easily control what I’m breeding and it’s easier to manage overall, plus it’s in a 2 x 3 format which allows for easy watering too.

So to get the colors of blue, pink, orange, purple, and the rare one, you need to breed the same type of plant with the following color combinations.

  • White + White = Blue (or find around Harold Pockets in the Endless Forest).
  • Red + Yellow = Orange.
  • Red + White = Pink.
  • Red + Blue = Purple.
  • Purple + Purple = Rare.
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