Survivalist: Invisible Strain – Farming Guide

Guide about all farmable crop types. Seasons and temperature.

How to Farm Guide


Left to right: Chilli, Carrot, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Corn, Cabbage, Cucumber, Beetroot.


Chilli is used to make Curry. In itself it doesnt nourish a lot but you can farm up to 10 Chilli’s from a single crop. Only a small farm plot is needed to have a steady supply of curry going. Doesnt take up much weight either.


Carrot is used in all types of recipes. In addition you can hunt rabbits with Carrots. Carrots can nourish your survivor but it is recommended to either hunt rabbits with it or make stew. Carrots itself are very inefficient to farm because they use seeds and a single crop only yields 1 carrot and at max 3 seeds. If you plan to use carrots for stews or curries then you’ll need to have a large farm going. Doesnt take up much weight though.


Pumpkins are the pinnacle of the foodchain. One can feed one survivor for one day and results in more stew if used as ingredient. The downside is their weight which is 5lbs each. Farming pumpkins takes the longest to farm with 5 days needed to finish growing but in return you can harvest 5 Pumpkins per crop at lvl 5.


Sunflowers dont nourish your survivors as much as it only results in sunflower seeds when harvested. They weight barely nothing but in itself i wouldnt farm sunflowers if i only wanna farm food. Each crop can yield up to 15 seeds which might be a positive. Sunflower seeds can be turned into oil.


Corns are the best crop for surviving through winter. One boiled Corn can feed one survivor for 0.5 Days and you can get up to 10 Corn from a single crop! They take 4 days to finish growing. They weight 1lbs each and can be used in stew or curry. It is recommended to farm Corn if you only want to farm 1 crop type.


Cabbage are inefficient to farm because they use seeds and one crop only yields 1 Cabbage in return with a bunch of seeds. One can nourish one survivor for 0.4 Days but their main use is as the main ingredient in Stew and Curry. They can be substituted with pumpkins but pumpkins take up a lot of space with their weight. A lot of space is needed to efficiently grow cabbage and unless you farm all crops needed to make stew i wouldnt recommend farming cabbage. They’re a bit on the heavy side with 2lbs each.


Cucumbers are this weird type of ingredient with barely any uses. One can feed one survivor for 0.3 days and if farmed at lvl 5 you can get 5 cucumbers from one crop. They take the shortest time to grow together with corn at 3 days but as a result of less yield and less nourishment they’re inferior to Corn. A big minus is they’re not used in stew nor curry. Neither are they used in anything else. Cucumbers arent bad to farm as they have sufficient yield and nourishment but if you plan to survive through winter or make stew then go for corn instead.


Beetroot is used to make sugar. Sugar used to be an ingredient to make gunpowder but one update removed this part. Sugar itself barely acts as food with 0.001 nourishment but can make survivors happy. Beetroots only nourish one survivor for 0.2 days and are horrible to farm as they use seeds and one crop only results in 1 beetroot and 2 seeds at lvl 5. They can be used to make stew but the massive farm needed to keep a supply going makes it a very unattractive vegetable.




Differences Between Farming Skill 0 and 5

Affected by farming level

  • Crops planted and final yield

Not affected by farming level

  • Planting speed
  • Crops growing speed
  • Harvesting crops

Growing Stages Overview

  • All crops have different stages as well different final yield when planted with different farming levels.
  • Farming level doesnt affect harvesting so a lvl 5 farmer will get the same amount as a lvl 0 farmer harvesting one corn crop.
  • If you happen to not have enough inventory space and try to harvest one crop then it will harvest as many vegetables as possible and then storage those supplies. The crop itself wont be destroyed until all vegetables have been harvested.
  • There is a chance you end up with one bad crop in your farm. They only yield in either 1 seed or 1 vegetable. The chance of getting a bad crop get lower the higher your farming level is.

Tips for Farming

  • Farming needs constant watering. Either construct a well or build your farm near rivers.
  • You can flatten your farm plot by constructing a barn on it and then demolishing it right after.
  • Once you have 2 survivors you can plan out your farm land per crop type. It’ll allow your farmers to automatically plant crops in those spots.
  • A general rule of thumb is to start farming late spring and stop farming early fall.
  • There are 8 Crop types in total. Focus on crops you want to make use of like in stew or curry.
  • Dont forget you can cook your crops. You can stockpile cooked food using a sealed container and buckets.

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