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Rust - Cost of Raiding (Melee Weapons)

Written by [TNeon]SteelRabbit   /   Jul 18, 2020    

Small guide on the cost of raiding using Melee weapons and an easy to use chart.

Cost Sheets

This is a quick guide guide i've put together to show you how much explosives which are needed to raid a specific object weather that wall or door you can quickly open this and get a gauge for what is needed.

Regarding Missing Information

While looking at the guide you may find areas of the charts where there is no number giving an indication of how many are needed, this was because i couldn't find any information on this so if you know the amount then please free free to add it and i will credit you in the guide.

Harvesting Tools


Written by [TNeon]SteelRabbit.

Game:   Rust