Tower Unite – How to Obtain Icebreaker Achievement (The Ice Cave)

Icebreaker Achievement Guide


This isn’t a very consistent way to get every tile in The Ice Cave, this is just how I got the achievement. This isn’t meant for Unit grinding, this arcade cabinet doesn’t give many Units anyway. Having a crosshair will really help, my monitor has an option to enable one, you could also just use a Post-It Note or something.

Explanation Through Text

  • Firstly, you don’t need to look at the snowballs to grab them, you can just press E (or whatever key you use) to pick up a snowball.
  • The main part of this strategy is to throw all the snowballs at the closest tiles near you, and hope that the snowballs will hit the tiles near the back.
  • If there are a couple tiles left, you can manually aim at them if you have enough snowballs left.
  • If a tile needs to be hit at the very back, use the bounce pad.

Explanation Through Video

As you can see I get pretty lucky, but you will need luck.

Written by Extome

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