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Roki - 100% Achievements Guide

Written by SHiSH   /   Jul 24, 2020    

Achievements are listed in the order in which they are received. Some events may not be available after some action in the storyline. All achievements in the guide are in the order in which they can be obtained.

100% Achievements 


Achievements with red and yellow icons are story-driven, you won't miss them.

Scenic Route

The achievement can be obtained almost at the very beginning of Chapter 2. As shown in the screenshot, you need to move away from the trail and walk a little behind the trees.

Top Spinner

Spin 5 times.

Grave Thoughts

There are only 10 tombstones. One is near the gate (on the left), the other nine are on the territory of the church.

Tomte Talk

Talk to him until you get the achievement.


There are 6 trees in total in the game that need help. They are all found in chapter 2. It's hard to miss them, but if you suddenly didn't notice, screenshots will help you.


There are 4 trolls in total in the game, all of them are also in chapter 2. One of them will not be available after progressing through the storyline. So check it out as soon as you find it.

Eye for Detail

Inspect each item in the game and if you have combined items and a new one is also inspected. Get the achievement towards the end of Chapter 2.

Honour Bound

After you have dug up the treasure, do not throw it into the water. Take it to the troll under the bridge.

Growing Pains

After you get the "staff", return to the "mushroom" and use it on it.

Textile Detective

Only 4 banners. They are all found in chapter 3.

Building Bridges

In Chapter 3, when you play two characters at the same time, talk to them regularly. Speak to them especially after solving puzzles together. The achievement is given when you open the main gate leading to the top, you must stand at this gate and talk.

Good Listener

You need to talk to the "Crows" who are in the cages. There are about 20 of them in total. You shouldn't miss them. Also click on the dead "ravens" and those who were lured into the cages.

Forlorn Hope

In the third chapter, there are 8 expedition notes. They must be read. Screenshots to help.

Badge Master

You will receive this achievement automatically after you get all the others.


Collecting loot is not required for achievements.

Written by SHiSH.

Game:   Roki