Fairy Tail – 4K Resolution Editing Guide

Short guide on how to fix the screen resolution.

How to Fix the Screen Resolution


Section A

  1. Locate Fairy Tail on Steam Library.
  2. Right Click “Properties”.
  3. Click on Tab “Local Files”.
  4. Click on Tab “Browse Local Files”.

Section B

  1. Locate “game.ini” file and open it in notepad.
  2. Change to your desired resolution to play the game at example Width & Height 3840 x 2160 for 4K.
  3. In Notepad click File & Save it.


  • If this method doesn’t work, then backup the game.ini somewhere else and delete current “game.ini” the current one in the folder.
  • The game should launch and create a new ini file automatically.
  • If you can get into the game settings now, you should be able to select desired resolution.
  • There appears to be other settings you can change manually as well, I have not tested or tried for myself the other settings.
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