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Grounded - Smoothie Recipes Guide (Potions for Health, Hunger, Increased Damage)

Written by Punished_Rhodesian   /   Jul 30, 2020    

We'll basically be showing off the different types of smoothies you can make currently in the game.

List of Smoothie Recipes

Explaining Buffs

The game uses it's own terminology to define buffs - this section here to just quickly explain each buff and effect you can get so you can cross reference the effects to the drinks you are getting!


  • Attacks do more Damage.


  • Deals damage over time.


  • Stay quenched longer.


  • Provides hydration to satiate Thirst.


  • Stay full Longer.


  • Provides Nourishment to satiate hunger.

+Max Health

  • More max Health.


  • Heals over time.

+Max Stamina

  • More max Stamina.

Stamina Boost

  • Provides more energy to boost stamina.


  • Regain stamina faster.

+Sprint Distance

  • Reduces the stamina cost of sprinting.

+Attack Stamina

  • Attacking uses less Stamina.

+The Quickness

  • Run Faster.

+Swim Speed

  • Swim faster.

+Veteran Diver (Diving helmet symbol)

  • Hold breath Longer.

+Veteran Diver (o2 symbol)

  • Hold More breath.

+Blocking Strength

  • Increases the amount of hits you can block before getting stunned.

+Gas Guard

  • Prevents damage from all gas based and effects.

Smoothies, Effects and Ingredients

Here all the Smoothies discovered so-far in the game and their functions.

Boost Juice

Item Description

  • Filled with vitamins and nutrients! Boosts your max stamina.


  • +Max Stamina
  • +Heals
  • +Edible


  • Aphid
  • Mushroom
  • Acorn Bits

Green Machine

Item Description

  • A delicious blend of locally sourced greens. Boosts your stamina recovery rate.


  • +Hyperstamina
  • +Heals
  • +Drinkable


  • Sprig
  • Cloverleaf
  • Plant Fiber

Fuzz on the Rocks

Item Description

  • As literal as they come. Drinking this disgusting combination somehow makes you healthier for awhile.


  • +Max Health
  • +Heals
  • +Drinkable


  • Mite Fuzz
  • Quartzine
  • Pebble

Liquid rage

Item Description

  • All sorts of dangerous things in drinkable form! Consuming this makes you feel way stronger.


  • +Edible
  • +Attack
  • +Heals


  • Ant Mandible
  • Spider Fang
  • Larvae Spike


Item Description

  • A hodgepodge of ingredients mashed in to a mostly drinkable goop. Recovers HP when consumed.


  • Drinkable
  • Heals


  • This is the default item you make if you just throw objects into a smoothie maker that don't make a specific smoothy. You can basically make it with three of anything.

Gastro Goo


  • Smells almost as bad as it looks, but goes down surprisingly smooth. Makes you immune to gas damage.


  • +Gas Guard
  • +Heals
  • +Drinkable


  • Aphid Honeydew
  • Gas sack
  • Fungal growth

Unconfirmed/Broken Smoothies w/ Effects

Hedge lord


  • Allegedly doesn't work.


  • Berry Chunks

Liquid Gills


  • Untested yet as Eelgrass has not been found. However, most likely increases your capacity to stay underwater.


  • Plant Fiber
  • Cloverleaf
  • Eelgrass Strands

How to Make Smoothies

Well - it's pretty easy.

First of all - you need to get yourself one of these:

You unlock the crafting recipe by either picking up or researching an Acorn Top.

Then, you can craft it in the 'Meal Prep' Menu with:

  • 1x Acorn Top
  • 4x Sprig
  • 5x Grub Goop

After that - you are all set with a Smoothie bowl and you can go ham mixing up drinks.

I'd say that this item is actually very very useful to have, simply because you can convert any old useless crap lying around into heal, food and energy - it's basically free food and buffs!

Infact - I'd argue it's a bit OP...

So! Better exploit it now until it gets patched!

Written by Punished_Rhodesian.

Game:   Grounded