Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Speed Up or Slow Down the Simulation Rate

This super simple guide will show you how to speed up or slow down the simulation rate. This is not well documented in the sim.

Guide to Time Travel

Set Up Your Controls

Sim rate is controlled by an increase and decrease button. While there is a “sim rate” button, it does not work for many users even if they use the sim rate button as a modifier along with the + – keys on the numpad.

To use our super speed magic we must go into the control settings. We must change the filter to “All” (default setting is “assigned”). This filter can be found under the search settings on the left.

Once you set this to “all” search “sim” or “sim rate” You will then see the ability to set a Decrease and Increase Sim rate button.

I choose a key combination, but you can choose whatever works best for you.

Be sure to save and head into the sim and blast into the future!

Keep in mind there is no in sim rate meter. If you wish to see a rough gauge for your speed look in the cockpit at your clock. The clock will adapt to your sim speed!

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