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Crusader Kings III - Empire of Hispania Strategy Guide

Written by Asclepius   /   Sep 9, 2020    

A complete guide to becoming an Emperor of Hispania!

How to Become an Emperor of Hispania

Which Character to Choose?

So let's begin by choosing a character from the year 1066.

The most practical choice would be choosing among the 3 Kings from the Jimena Dynasty. Choose among the Kingdom of Castille, Leon or Galicia.

I chose King Sancho of Castille. Why? 2 reasons.. First, he has a good size of Levies to begin with. Second, his location is perfect for casus belli.

Let me explain. Since both the King of Galicia and Leon are your brothers, it is impractical to invade them first since "blood is thicker than water", meaning you can get your cousins to your court and marry them off to some powerful nations. The practical solution is to attack first the independent kingdoms on your east. Forget first about the infidels from the south.

But before attacking, make sure you choose the martial lifestyle and strategy. And first let us form allies.

Formation of Alliances

Who else would you want to form an alliance with than the 2 biggest empire in Europe, namely France and the Holy Roman Empire.

At start of the campaign, we have limited options for King Sancho II. He has no wife. He has no sons or daughters we can use.

Fortunately, King Sancho II has a sister. The problem is she is on the courts of Leon. How can we use her? Just invite her to your court. After she goes to your court, arrange her marriage with King Philippe of France which he would gladly accept.

Now, you will be allied with France by blood.

King Sancho II is also unmarried hence we can use him to find a powerful ally. As a King, you can basically marry any princess as long as her liege has a good opinion about you. So i found out that I can marry Princess Adela of the Holy Roman Empire, the daughter of the Emperor, with claims to the entire throne of the Holy Roman Empire. Who wouldn't want that?

Now, King Sancho II is allied with the 2 powerful Empires.

Take Over Hispania

We can now start invading other realms in Hispania.

Basically, Hispania is divided between Christian Kings and the Infidels. We will focus first on taking over first Christian Kingdoms.

Leon and Galicia is run by the Jimena Dynasty. They won't push for their claim to your throne as long as you have military forces superior than them, and with the alliances we have with the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire, they will not attempt to invade your kingdom.

Focus first on your claims on Navarra and Aragon. Conquering Aragon is as easy as taking a candy from a baby. The problem is Invading Navarra. You should buy men-at-arms first. I prefer bowmen and light infantry because they are cheap. Or you can store gold until you can buy mercenaries.

Don't call your allies on the Attack on Aragon since it will be a waste of prestige. Rather, call them on the invasion of Navarra. You want to wait for the Forces of France before attacking since you will be easily defeated by the enemy and his ally. Once France has sent its forces there, winning will be easy. Always attack the capital first. Capturing higher ranking people will improve your war score.

Always maintain a higher number of levies than your enemies. Never divide your army if it means you will have a lower number compared to the enemy forces. By sheer number, enemy forces will stay away from you. If they will hold a siege, once they see that your forces are going after them, they will retreat and stop the siege.

At the same time, the King of Galicia will invade Leon and win. Leon will try to invade you but just call your Allies (free if you are defending), and Leon will lose. After the war, the map should look like this.

The King of Galicia is your brother. To the south is the kingdoms held by the infidels.

Written by Asclepius.