Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Catch ’em All Achievement (Checklist)

A checklist to help complete the achievement Catch ’em All. Also includes a location where to tame each monster (please not these are not the only location these monsters can be found).

Catch ’em All Achievement (Checklist)

1. Vangal – Location: Timber Roads

2. Daodrenner – Location: Timber Roads

3. Arpia – Location: Timber Roads

4. Pektite – Location: Alpine Woods

5. Ercinee – Location: Scarred Summit

6. Niwot – Location: Restful Giants

7. Therva – Location: Restful Giants

8. Kawa – Location: Highlands

9. Rakkerjak – Location: Ekhidna Falls

10. Bzzerk – Location: Iirzk’tara Gorge

11. Blardger – Location: Iirzk’tara Gorge

12. Tangrel – Location: Baaz Island

13. Helhund – Location: Gogombob City

14. Bulldrake – Location: Strangled Cove

15. ZitZot – Multiple Locations

These have a random chance of spawning during a patrol have Apiarium in guild upgrades active to increase frequency (near hunters lodge).

16. Malcubus – Misson/Hunt Reward

17. Harvester – Misson/Hunt Reward

18. Archafflictor – Misson/Hunt Reward


Set all characters second class as Wangler, remove all counterattacks/counter shots etc and Just use tame.

Equip as much movement as possible (Planeswalker boots have +2 and are craftable) Have Kennel (+ shooting range) for added bonus to capture rate.

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