Space Travel Idle – Basic Guide

Guide to Basics

All credit goes to eihanechkhen!


Three registers, Overview, Resources, Summary


A general overview and control window. Not only does it display the amount of materials and energy you have collected but also sliders to control when certain subsystems get resources. Once your storage fills beyond the percentage in the corrosponding slider that subsystem will start to get resources. At the start Energy is configured to supply all four subsystems once the storage is filled beyond 0%. The resources will supply ‘Resource generation’, ‘Research input’, ‘Infra input’ when any amount comes in and will trash once the storage is full (100%).


Lists available resources and allows to selectivly switch them on or off. Left click toggles up from off, to 1%, 2%, 5%, 10% to on; right click toggles down.


A summary of all incoming and outgoing resources.


Each location (Earth, Space, Moon, Venus, etc.) has it’s own set of upgrades. Location will only be unlocked once you’ve visited them. Only your current location is active.

  • Research: All the research options you have at that location.
  • Infra: All the infrastructure options you have at that location.


Registers concerning travel

Engine: List of the different ‘Speed Modules’ you have. Pump energy into these and your ship will move faster
Black Hole: no idea yet


Your collected cards for battle and buffs. 4 collected cards can be merged to create a higher level of the same card.

  • Deck: The cards used in battle. At the start you only have ‘Normal Attack’ lvl 1. Place it in your deck.
  • Perm Bag: Cards that give buffs to other parts of the game, i.e. higher energy output.
  • Library: List of all found battle cards, you can preview higher level cards here.
  • Perm Lib: List of all found buff cards, you can preview higher level cards here.


Your screen for battling. Top left is the combat log, beneath it are the auto battle settings. Click on the cogwheel and the first card in your deck will repeatedly be played. Change the zone from ‘Peace Zone’ to ‘Low Earth Orbit’ and watch the battle happening. Enemies drop cards and biomass.

What to Click

Assuming you have already started your auto battles, next step is research. Click circle ‘Techno’ and ‘Research’. Click on the ‘Paused’ of the ‘Lap Open’ section. It switches from paused to ‘Researching’ but nothing else happens.

Why? Because we aren’t collecting any resources yet. Click circle ‘Storage’ then ‘Resources’. Switch ‘Solar Energy’ on. Watch the energy bar of ‘Lab Open’ fill and unlock more option. Start researching all ‘Research’ and ‘Infra’. Once ‘Air Collector’ has finished, switch back to resources and turn on the ‘Breathe-In’.

While the rearch is going on go to the circle ‘Cards’. Your collected ‘Normal Attack’ cards should have appeared in your ‘Deck’ – ‘Bag’. The small number on the top right is the number of duplicates you have. Click on ‘Merge all cards in this set’. Keep on merging until you have merged to the highest level. Switch out your attack card to the highest level. Watch in the circle ‘Battle’ the battles go much fast.

Back to circle ‘Techno’ and ‘Infra’. Three new options have unlocked. Build ‘Coal Industry’ and at least one level of ‘Rain Collector’. You can specify to which level research should go. For now, research those two completely. Research the ‘Rocket Launcher’. That will again take some time.

In the meantime switch to circle ‘Storage’ and ‘Resources’. Activate the new resources. Keep the ‘Burn Coal’ at 50%. Check your ‘Summary’ where each resources is going.

In the ‘Overview’ tab set the treshhold to trash biomass to 50% (Easy to get everywhere and less weight makes ship go faster). Merge cards and watch the battles until ‘Rocket Launcher’ completes.

Switch to circle ‘Spaceship’ and find the new option ‘Launch’ there. Set the number from 100 to 95. The bar should fill. This will slowly pump energy into your ship for traveling. The more energy, the faster. But the more resources and weight your ship has, the slower.

Move your cursor to the right of the screen (the travel menu). Click on ‘Travel’, destination ‘Moon’ and check ‘Remaining Time’. Once that’s low enough for you hit the ‘Set Off’ button. Make sure you have a full load of coal with you and once you have started switch off all non essential research!

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