Sands of Salzaar – Characters Guide

A quick list of all characters with their skills.

List of All Characters with Skills


Psychic Buller

Fire a psychic bullet that cannot be evaded/blocked, slows down enemies by 50% for 5 sec and deals additional damage to all enemies within 300 cubits. 50 Mana/ 5 cd.

Upgrade: Shots more bullets.

Summon Shade

Summons 5 shades to fight for you, lasts 25seconds. 500 Mana/ 60 cd.

Shades are highly mobile melee fighter.

Upgrade: Duration 20 -> 40sec.

Upgrade: Shades gain more Health/ Attack.

Space-Time Portal

Teleport to a target location. 50 Mana/ 15 cd.

Upgrade: Teleport all allies within 800cubits with you.

Upgrade: Teleport and stun (5 sec) all enemies within 800 cubits with you.

Psy Blast

Does 2.5x Magic Aoe Damage and stuns for 3 sec. 500 Mana/ 30 cd.

Upgrade: Doubles Psy Blast’s range and increases damage to 3.5x.

Psy Bolt

Deal Aoe Magic Damage and increases damage taken by 30% for 10 sec. 500 Mana/ 30 cd.

Upgrade: Range increases. Debuff goes from 30% 10sec to 50% 15 sec.


Most Wanted

Summons 2 Bounty Hunters, they get +25% Health/Attack and last for 30 seconds. 150 Mana/ 90 cd.

Can be upgraded 5 times to summon more powerful Hunters with +X% Health/Attack.

Bounty Frenzy

Backstab (2x Damage) deals an additional Aoe 1.5x damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown reset if enemy is knocked down, gain 3 Ultar. 50 Mana/ 5 cd.

Upgrade: + Backstab attack multiplier.

Hook Hold

Mark your current location. By activating the skill again release a smoke bomb,deal 2x damage, launch the targets into the air and teleport there to recover 5% health. 150 Mana/ 15 cd.

Upgrade: Recover 10% Health when using your hook to pull back to your marked position.

Upgrade: Increase damage dealt by smoke bomb to 2.5x.

Sickle Hook

Hook and pull an enemy toward you. Receive 3 Utar if an enemy is killed by this skill. 150 Mana/ 10 cd.

Burning Rain

Arrows rain from the sky, dealing x2.5 Aoe Damage within 800 cubits and burning them. 200 Mana/ 20 cd.



Deal 2x Aoe Damage (x0.02 Strength) to enemies within 500 cubits and recover 10% of all damage dealt as health. Knockbacks enemies.

In beast form, recovery is increased to 20% and enemies are launched into the air for 3 sec. 10 Mana/ 5 cd.


Deal 2x Aoe Damage (+0.02 Strength) 300 cubits in front of you and recover 10% of damage dealt as health.

In beast form recovery increases to 20%. 10 Mana/ 3 cd.

Upgrade: Health recovery increases.

Shamanic Cry of Rage

Summon a Canis for 15 seconds. 150 Mana/ 25 cd.

Upgrade: Increase own CC rate by 100% for 10seconds.

Upgrades: Can summon 2 more.


Deal 3x Aoe Damage to all enemies within 800 cubits. 150 Mana/ 25 cd..

When enemies are above 20% pv they are confused.

If under 20% they get knocked down and a Cheetah is summoned at their location.

Upgrade: Knocking down enemies will summon a Yeti Chef for 15 seconds. In beast form how duration is increased to 15 seconds.

Beast Stampede

Summon 50 Wild Boards who deal 2x Damage and launch enemies into the air. They disappear upon hitting an enemy. 350 Mana/ 20 cd.

Upgrade: In beast mode summon 100 Boards.

Dragon Blood

Turn into a giant dragon after collecting 5 Shaman points (Activate Dragon Strength in campaign to unlock).

(Passive) Shaman

Each kill gives +1 Shaman point and increases your body size by +10%. At +50% size transform into a beast. Double damage for 20 sec. Basic attack is Aoe.



Launch enemies into the air and deal 0.5x Damage. 150 Mana.

Double Slash

2 Aoe strikes in front of you. 100 Mana.

Sky Slash

Close distance to an enemy and deliver multiple high damage strikes. 250 Mana.

Whirling Chop

Delivers Aoe Dot Damage (damage over time) with high cooldown and high cost. 500 Mana, 30 sec cooldown.


10 random enemies take multiple attacks. 250 Mana.

Sky Fiend

Leap to the target and deal massive dmg. Adds 1 tier of Frenzy. 200 Mana.

Sword Sworn

Heal 30% of health, gain dmg reduction (it stacks) and deal x0.5 Damage to all enemies in range. 350 Mana, 25 sec cooldown.



Teleport to an enemy and slash everyone within 150 cubits. Deals 2x Damage. 150 Mana.

Ghostly Grip

Seize an enemy and drag him and everyone in the path/near him to you. Stun and deal damage. Ignores objects in path. 50 Mana.


Charge 2500 cubits and deal x2 Damage to everyone hit. 150 Mana.

Karod’s Occult Slash

Flash 1500 cubits foward to deliver x3 Damage to enemies within 300 cubits. 150 Mana.

Triple Flourish

Chose one direction then chain teleport accros the battlefield in random 3 straight lines and deal 3x Damage to everyone hit. 300 Mana (refreshes cooldown for every other skill).


Darkmoon Thorn

Backstab an enemy and inflict Darkmoon Mark. x1.5 Damage (+0.02Agility) (max 2.5). 50 Mana.

New Moon’s Light

Teleport to an enemy and deal damage at the point of origin. Adds Mark. 50 Mana.

Phantom Shot

A shot that deals 1 Aoe Damage (+ 0.01Agility) (max 2x) in a radius of 500 subits, everyone hit gets a Mark.

If skill is activated again teleport to the location and deal Aoe Critical Damage then hide in the shadows for 2 sec. 150 Mana.

Dark Side of the Moon

Trigger all Marks. Deal damage equal to the number of marks x0.5 (max 10x). Enter Shadowform for 15 seconds. 300 Mana.

Shadowform Increases attack by +3% per mark triggered (max 90%). All other skills get +1% leach (per mark, max 15%) (leach = absorb health).


Skull Bash

Deal Aoe Damage, knockback and stun the targets for 2 sec. 30 Mana.

Brutal Collision

Charge in a direction by pulling enemies along, stunning them and dealing x3 damage. 100 Mana.

Berserker Roar

Increase AttackSpeed and CC rate of all allies within 800 cubits by 50% for 10 Seconds (max 20 sec).

With upgrade can heal 15%, and slow down enemies by 30%. 150 Mana.

Berserker Jump

Jump to a target position by dealing x4 Damage within 500 cubits and gain resilience for 3 sec (max 6 ). 150 Mana.

Berserker Primal Dance

Send 3 heavy axes in a target direction, follow up with a Jump Cut. 200 Mana.


Hook Hold

Pull yourself towards an enemy and deal x1.5 (max 2.5) Damage to all enemies within 300cubits and gain resilience for 3 sec. 50 Mana.


Deal 2.5x Aoe Damage and launch the targets into the air. 30 Mana.


Taunt all enemies within 500 cubits for 8seconds and reduce damage taken by 50% for 5 seconds. 150 Mana.


Become a Giant for 15 seconds. Increase your attack and reduce damage taken by 50%. Recover 1% health per second. Normal attacks deal x3 Damage and taunt targets.


Create a 500 cubits crater for 5seconds. Enemies inside are stunned and pulled towards you. Deals up to 4x Aoe Damage. 150 Mana.



Throw a boomerang which flies up to 2500 cubits dealing x2 damage and stunning everyone hit, returns. 150 Mana.


Fire 30 bullets at the rate of 1 bullet every 0.1 sec, dealing fixed 26 damage (+ level x 2 + Spirit) and apply bleed. 200 Mana.


Assemble an arrow turret that lasts 75 seconds, can lauch explosive arrows. May be destroyed. 250Mana.


Command a siege chariot from outside the battlefied that throws 30/45 fireballs at selected areas. Each deals x3 Aoe Magic Damage and applies burn Dot and knocks down targets. 300 Mana, 30 sec cooldown.

Bounty Hunter

Most Wanted

Summon 2 other Bounty Hunters, they get +25% Health/attack, last 30 seconds. Can summon up to legendary Hunters. 150 Mana.

Bounty Frenzy

Backstab (x2 Damage) deals an additional x1.5 Aoe Damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown is reseted if enemies are killed, gain 3 Ultar. 50 Mana.

Seismic Shock

Deal x2.5 Aoe Damage, targets are launched into the air for 1 second. 100 Mana.

Titan Roar

Stunn all enemies within 500 cubits up to 5 seconds and deal damage.

Titan Breach

Transform into a giant. Get a shield which absorbs 100% of your max health and increase your dmg by 50%/100%. Lasts 15/20 seconds.



As Human charge 1000 cubits and deal x1 Damage to everyone hit.

As Beast charge 1000 cubits and deal x2 Damage and recover 10% of dmg dealt. 0 Mana, cooldown 10 sec.


As Human deal x1 Damage to everyone in a radius of 300 cubits.

As Beast unleash a shockwave in a radius of 300 cubits that travels 1000 cubits and creates a path.

While enemies are on the path they take +100% damage. 0 Mana, 4 sec cooldown.

Wolf Form

Transform into a wolf for 30seconds. Recover 20 health/sec, gain 50 Attack, increased CC rate and attacks deal +30%. 300 Mana, 40 sec cooldown.


Stun enemies within 500 cubits for 5 sec. 150 Mana.


Lighting strikes a random position within 100cubits dealing 133 dmg to all enemies within 200cibuts and reducing their Attack and Movement Speed by 50% for 5 sec. 150 Mana.

Eagle Form

Transform into a soaring eagle for 20 seconds. Recover 20 health and 30 mana/sec. Increase Evade by 20% and Movement by 100. 500 Mana, cooldown 40 sec.

Fire Dragon

Transform into a fire dragon for 15seconds. Recover 100 health/sec and get increased Attack, CC rate and Block by 50%.

By upgrading you can activate 2 auras to burn everyone within 1000 cubits, increase CC by 20%. 1500 Mana, cooldown 120 sec.

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  1. Just a suggestion for your guide, but you should add how many skill points it takes to max out each of their trees.

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