Medieval Dynasty – How to Use the Farm and Fields

A small guide for the right way to use the fields.

Guide to Use the Farm and Fields 

Hire Workers

If not already done you have to hire at least 1 field worker.

Open Management Menu (N key) and clicks on a free person and assigns him a workstation in the barn as field worker.

Prepare the Fields

First you create your field somewhere and plow it yourself, but you don’t have to. But would go faster.

Now open the management menu (key N) and go to the tab for the fields (top left 3rd symbol).

Here you choose the right field and press F for more details.

Now select the desired seed from above and mark all fields with a black border so that the fruit is in all fields (you can take one corner and hold the mouse button down and drag it to the other corner).

Exit with Escape and apply the change with F!

Have you done that with all fields, you must save the game and reload it. It’s the best to press F5 for quicksave and then F9 for quickload. Then the workers should start right away.


Important: Currently only field workers who are in the player’s field of view seem to be working! So position yourself so that you have an overview of all fields / field workers or do it yourself.

The order of the workers is now harvest -> manure -> plow -> sow . In the case of a new field, he plows before manure if you haven’t done it yourself.

If you have many small fields to work on, the field workers are spread out and everyone does something. As soon as someone is done with their work, it appears that they check what tasks are still pending and then they do one of them. But as soon as a worker is standing and has no more work, there are no more checks at this day how it seems. Which ends that on one or the last field may only 1 person is working.

If you have enough field workers, several workers can theoretically work on one field. It is e.g. possible that the first manure, the second plows and the third sows. But you should keep in mind that one or the other work can take different lengths of time depending on the skill and work. If there is enough other work for the field workers, it can be that not all work in one field.

If one has e.g. only 1 large field and want to let several people work, proceed as follows:

You let the first worker manure a few parts of the field, then quicksave and quickload. Then one person should continue manure and another should start plowing. Same game, start over, wait a short time until a few parts of the field are plowed and then save and load again. In this case there would now be 3 workers in the field and they would be hardworking.

Important: You have to keep an eye on everyone and its not allowed to help these workers if you want that the field workers continue their working on the field after you helped.

As soon as you e.g. would plow self after manure, all actions for the field workers would be deleted in these fields where you plowed. In other words, the seed setting is deleted and therefore no action for the field worker. Then you have to set everything again under Management and save and load.

Sowing yourself is not a problem, because afterwards there is no more action until it is ripe.

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