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House Party - Item Placement (Derek Update)

Written by Vedren   /   Oct 8, 2020    

Items / Collectible locations for the newest update!

Items and Their Locations Room by Room

Living room (Frank's Location)

  • Coffee - On table to the left of Frank
  • Tablet, TV Remote, DVD - On the counter in front of the TV
  • Credit Card - Right drawer of the Computer table
  • 8x Natty Lites - In the Liquor Cabinet
  • Whackspankiel's (whiskey), Rum, Empty Vodka Bottle, Cabernet, Rachel's Thermos - Liquor Cabinet


  • Popcorn - Cabinet above microwave
  • Spoon - On top of microwave
  • Natty Lite - Behind Microwave
  • All the food in the Fridge - Salami and Whipped cream are quest items the rest are buff/health restore
  • Money Makers Magazine - In trash next to Fridge

Fireplace Room / Dance Floor

  • Mysterious Key - On left side of mantle
  • Foam Finger - Left Counter behind speaker
  • Speaker - Right Counter


  • Natty Lite - Middle shelf on far wall
  • Motor Oil - Below the Natty Lite (I can't pick it up)
  • Penguin Mascot - On the floor next to far shelf
  • Jammer - Behind bin on work counter
  • Bathroom Key - Middle shelf on rack next to the door

Down Stairs Bathroom

  • Towel - On counter next to sink
  • Natty Lite - On floor between the toilet and wall

Upstairs Hall

  • MP3 Player - Hanging from the light fixture above the front door

Madison's Room

  • Natty Lite - Top shelf left of the entrance
  • Camera - On the vanity table
  • Laxatives (previously eye drops) - In closet right of the entrance
  • Safe/Madison's Diary - Back left of closet
  • Madison's "Toy" - Top shelf above the safe
  • Painkillers - On shelf behind bathroom door
  • Blue Hair Dye, Madison's Phone - On the counter top
  • Gut Grip - On floor to the left of the toilet

Art Studio

  • Broom - In closet, to the left side

Laundry Room

  • Chardonnay - Top shelf of the closet

Hall Bathroom

  • Natty Lite - Behind Hamper to the left of the sink

Ashley's Room

  • Pencil - On desk under bed
  • Ashley's "Toy" - Behind pillow on top bunk
  • Poster - On wall next to entrance

Upstairs Office

  • Flask - In right desk drawer
  • Natty Lite - Under left side of desk
  • SD Card - To the right of the laptop
  • Chocolate Bar - On wall shelf to the left of the desk
  • USB Stick - On top of safe in closet

Backyard / Patio / Hot Tub Area

  • Fast Food Bag - on the "fire pit" side of the house behind the A/C Unit
  • Katana - Patio side of the house embedded in the far right privacy fence above bushes
  • Patrick's Case - On roof of Patio on the back/fence side
  • Collar - Buried in dirt pile behind hot tub
  • Flower (red) - In flower bed close to the patio under a fern

Things Added after story progression

  • Popper/Snappers - In the back yard between hot tub and flamingos (after GG's arrive)
  • Singing Fish, Tequila, Hot Peppers , Poppers/Snappers - In Letty's bag under entrance hall table after her arrival
  • Key to Patrick's Case - On his "private" ring
  • Merlot - Patrick carries it with him until he gets knocked out it is then left on the ground
  • Condom - Frank
  • Derek's Shirt - Derek
  • Panties - Vicki and Stephanie
  • Patrick's Phone - Brittney/Patrick

Written by Vedren.

Game:   House Party