The Stanley Parable – How to Get the Broom Closet Blocked

A short guide that explain how to get the broom closet blocked for continuous playthroughs. Not an ending, just a nice secret.

Secret Guide Broom Closet Blocked with Woods


There are plenty ending and secrets is The Stanley Parable. And most of them, we find by accident.

In this guide, I’ll show step by step how to get the “no more” Broom Closet secret. That’s the nickname I gave it at least.

First Game Start

Start a new game.

Walk through the “right decisions” AKA do as the narrator tells you to until you pass the meeting room. Stop right after the meeting room door closed behind you.

On those 2 doors, take the left one.

And this is the meeting room.

Right after the meeting room, you’ll see a door labeled Broom Closet on your left.

Did you know you can open it?

Now you need to enter that room. Shortly after, the narrator will start a long monologue.

Just wait until he finally finish with his anger. You’ll hear this line. That’s the queue to start a new game.

I didn’t show the full monologue, because it included spoilers to the secret

Second Game Start

On the second start, you need to get to that broom closet again, open and enter it.

This line will tell you your’e on the right way to the secret This time, the narrator’s monologue will be short.

After a few line, just wait 10 more second to be sure the monologue is over.

And restart the game.

Third and Final Game Start

So now all you need to do, is walk once again to the broom closet.

You’ll notice that the door is now blocked with woods, and cannot be open again.

And here you go, the broom closet is no longer accessible, for good.

The moral of the secret:

  • Don’t mess with the mighty narrator
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