Vigil: The Longest Night – List of All the Decoration Items

All the decoration items to put in your house.

Decorations Checklist

The List

  • Glass Heart — Keep shaking the bed in the Asylum.
  • Trapezohedron — Top of the Giantwood.
  • Weird Puppet — From Noax after completing the Draft in a Bottle Quest.
  • The Stars of R’lyeh — Left of Wasted Town lantern (Act 3).
  • Gorgeous Table — up from Sewer on the Estuary 2 lantern.
  • Gorgeous Chair — Abandoned House.
  • Elegant Bed — Just above Sewer on Estuary 1 lantern.
  • Elegant Bed Drapes — Right from Maye Sewer lantern.
  • Elegant Cabinet — Wasted Warehouse.
  • Gorgeous Chandalier — Flooded Area (middile row, middle door).
  • Gorgeous Candlestick — Top floor of Tavern.
  • Elegant Statue — Sunken Mary Rose.
  • Kintsugi Vase — Flooded Area (first ship you go in).
  • Fortune Geode — Hidden chest up a spikey elevator in the Mines, right of Mining Tunnel 1 lantern.
  • Grandfather Clock — Wasted Town (far-right house on upper level).
  • Painting of Zeelandia — Library.
  • Wooden Hanging Shaft — From the Professor at the top of the waterfall in Valley, during the Prologue. Speak to him at the Church first. He’s gone after the Brood Mother fight.
  • Ancient Stone Plate — Lower section of the Mines.
  • Shimmer Shrine — Catacombs, down and right from Cemetery entrance.
  • Stele of the Ancient Battlefield — Up and left from the Ancient Battlefield lantern.
  • Shimmer Code — Forbidden Library in Church.
  • Vigilant Ritual’s Hanging Shaft — Next to the Nameless Tomb lantern.
  • Giant Moth Specimen — Behind waterfall up and right from Lower Mine Entrance lantern.
  • Poisonous Moth Specimen — Hunter’s House up and right from Peak of Weep lantern.
  • Bearskin Rug — Up and right from Lower Mine Entrance lantern.
  • Bat Specimen — Hunter’s House in Limestone Way.
  • Giant Bat Specimen — Chest on tree stump in Limestone Way.
  • Freshwater Deep One’s Specimen — Hunter’s House in Bufonitte Lake.
  • Saltwater Deep One’s Specimen — Broken ship in Flooded Area (middle yellow pit).
  • Mandrake — Hidden tunnel below Peak of Weep lantern.
  • Skull Spider Specimen — In ceiling in Underground Cave.
  • Earth Spider’s Shell — In ceiling in Mountain Cave.
  • Giant Lice Specimen — Top left of the Secret Cave. Slide through wall from elevator.
  • Human-Fly Hybrid Specimen — Secret Cave.
  • Giant Mouse Baby — Right of the Gnawing Beast boss in Sewer on the Estuary.
  • Classic Incense Burner — In a locked room in the Sewer on the Estuary.

Cut / Unfinished Content?

  • Holy Six Cross — In a secret, unfinished(?) dark chamber in the Giantwood. It doesn’t currently count as a housing item and thus can’t be placed in your room.


Need a more visual checklist to see what you’re missing? Here you go!

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