Raft – Titanium Guide (How to Find)

This is a simple guide showing you how to find titanium in raft.

Guide to Find Titanium

Where To Find It

The most obvious place you can find titanium is on Tangaroa Island. Titanium ore can be found inside briefcase-like crates inside the local buildings on the island. It’s not too complicated to find these crates, as they spawn randomly in different levels and in different buildings on the Tangaroa. Just check each level thoroughly and you’re sure to find some!

The second way to find titanium ore is by using a metal detector on large islands. Hold left click with the metal detector in your current slot, and walk around the island. When you see the first circle light up red, you’re going in the right direction. Walk in that direction until the other circles begin to light up, or you lose a dot. If you do lose a dot, backtrack and move from side to side until it lights up again and go that way. Once all the dots are lit up (red, yellow, and green), use a shovel to dig up the treasure. This treasure is not always a titanium crate, but it often is (seen in this image).

In our experience, we usually find around two dig spots per large island that could possibly have titanium in them. When we do find a titanium crate with the metal detector, it usually yields 1-4 pieces of titanium ore.

There are only two ways we currently know how to find titanium.


Large Storage

The large storage takes 4 titanium to craft and can hold 40 items.

Water Tank

The water tank can hold a large amount of fresh water. It has an input and output for water pipes that you can use to transport water around your raft.

Electric Purifier

The electric purifier runs on batteries and has to be placed on the bottom floor of your raft. The purifier works fast and works well with the water tank.

Battery Charger

The battery charger runs off biofuel and charges batteries fast. It can charge 2 batteries at once and has a green light to indicate when the batteries are finished charging.

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