PUBG – How to Play Duos after New Update

This guide will cover how to play DUOS with a friend after the new update, as the option was been removed from the game by the developer.

If you don’t find this guide helpful, blame the developers for having little to no common sense of how to make a game and a lack of understanding and listening of their playerbase.

Invite Your Friend to Your Lobby

The first step is to make sure that your friend is in your lobby, so invite them, and make sure you see them in your lobby.

Go to ‘Squads’

Open up the team selection screen, you will notice that you can only pick Squads. This is sadly the only option for duos now so you can blame the developer because they have forgotten that there are people on this game that play as a duo.

For now you will have to play with two randomers. This is what the developer knows you want to play with two people who don’t speak the same language as you, so have fun! Not.

Written by GavinFromLocal

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