American Truck Simulator – Motels for Day Cab Drivers (Arizona + Utah)

So you like driving day cabs, but want to be a bit more immersive at which rest stops you will actually be able to rest at.

Well this will be the guide for you. I am going to painstakingly map out each state’s rest locations which include a motel as either the rest point or close enough to the parking area that a driver could easily walk to it.


How about a little background information. I have decided to make this guide because no one else out there seems to have done so before me, and because SCS Software (for as much as I like them) have not chosen to differentiate rest stop types on the map instead opting for a single icon for all of them. For basic gameplay one can easily get away with just sleeping where ever you might want. I find that to be such an odd concept though when driving a day cab which has no bed in which to sleep. Some will argue (and have argued with me in the past) that there are no laws stating that a driver must sleep in a bed and thus could just sleep in the passenger seat of their truck if they so desired. I don’t know that, that is true because it seems to me that with all the regulations regarding drivers, one would probably be required to have a sleeper of some type on their truck.

This guide aims to provide you the reader as well as myself a state by state guide showing all the locations where a day cab driver would have access to a motel/hotel/inn thus allowing him somewhere to actually sleep. Unfortunately there is no way to limit sleep to just these locations, but this guide is for RP purposes. I will not include any garage locations because you may not own a given garage. However, I think for role play purposes any garage which you own should be counted as a sleeping location as well because it is conceivable that you have a few bunk rooms at that garage for drivers who need to rest (without paying a motel bill). I am only including parking spots that are either at a motel/hotel/inn or close enough to one that a driver could park their truck for the night and walk up to get their room. Some of these may be a bit farther to walk than others but should always be close enough that you could get there in just a few minutes of walking.


Legend Note – when ~~ is used that means that this is an “about here” location with no solid place to point out on the in game map.

Flagstaff – West side near small fuel.

Holbrook – southwest side near Tidbit.

Show Low – south end on the loop.

~~Sierra Vista – I-10 and Arizona 90 at the truck stop is a motel as well.

~~Phoenix – I-10 and I-8 southeast between Phoenix and Tucson.

~~Cali-Arizona border on I-40 – both sides motel.

Kingman – Arizona 66 between Bitumen and HMS.

~~I-40 between Kingman and Flagstaff – the big rest stop has truck parking and it is conceivable that you could walk to the nearby inaccessible motel.

Camp Verde – downtown near the fuel stop.


Legend Note – when ~~ is used that means that this is an “about here” location with no solid place to point out on the in game map.

~~US-89 Utah-Arizona border – South of the weigh station. A parking lot with 2 nearby motels.

Cedar City – Southeast side main road parking at the truck wash opposite side of road from big motel.

~~US-6/US-50 Utah-Nevada border.

~~US-191 – south of Moab about halfway down towards Arizona. Motel within walking distance of the truck parking.

~~US-191 and US-163 – southeast near Arizona border motel is within walking distance.

~~Provo US-40 US-189 – Northeast of Provo use the rest stop at the fuel station. Little Rose motel is technically close enough to walk to.

~~Ogden – I-15 and US-91 junction north of Ogden. Big truck stop. Fairly close hotel. I would say still within walking distance but it might take a few minutes to walk from Peking up to it.

~~Logan I-15 and I-84 – use the more southerly parking areas to be near 2 different motels in the Gallon Oil fuel stop.

Written by The Redneck Ram

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