In Silence – Guide to Spawns and Compass

To my knowledge this is the only guide that will cover the known spawns and hopefully help the more casual but competitive players.

Spawns and Compass Overview

My Own Compass

I have done the same in dead by daylight and now heres in silence. I use the barn for all of my tellings at the moment. I treat certain sections facing outward of the barn as the locations.

  • The corn is south of the barn for me.
  • Hay bail on the north.
  • Tractor on the east.
  • Blank wall on the west.

Code Spawns and How to Cheat

  • Barn north on left door hinge.
  • Barn upstairs south east hiding on the last post.
  • Barn eastern side on the outside wall near fence.
  • Barn inside a side compartment eastern side of the barn, on the wall looking straight into the compartment.
  • Northwest wooden looking house. Left of fridge on the wall down stairs.
  • Northwest wooden looking house. Upstairs room on the right wall.
  • South east broken railing white house top second room left wall near the door frame.
  • South east broken railing white house bottom floor behind the third pillar. If counting from left to right. I just call it middle pillar and its plain as day.
  • North east basement house, basement wall after looking right at the end of the stairs.
  • North east basement house. On the wall to the left when entering the house.

You can also cheat by having a rat tell you the codes when he finds them by jumping a number of times to indicate the code. Like x9 is jump 9 times under the x to tell the others. Then there is no need to put your lives at risk.

Armory Spawns

  • Far east armory to the left of the camp.
  • Straight north inbetween the barn and the edge of the map.
  • Far south west next to camp or whatever those tents are.
Written by DYNAMIC skills7

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