Stone Story RPG – All Achievements Guide (Titanic Update)

This guide will help you get all of the achivements in-game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Stone Related Achievements

You get these by using/equipping the different stones in battle, all of them self expanatory.

The Journey Begins

  • Use the Sight Stone on an NPC or foe.

Resource Magnate

  • Use the Star Stone to collect resources.

Definitely a Ki-per

  • Use the Ki Stone in combat.


  • Use the Experience Stone in combat.

Watch Out For the Tail

  • Heal 1 health with the Ouroboros Stone.

Get Buffed

  • Use the Quest Stone in combat.


  • Use the Fissure Stone in combat.

Three Time’s a Charm

  • Use the Triskelion Stone in combat.


  • Use the Mind Stone’s dodge ability.

Attack Speed OP

  • Use the Moondial Stone in combat.

Crafting/Enchanting Related Achievements

As the section title suggets, these are the crafting related achivements


  • Upgrade an item.
  • Just join two of the same item (such as sword+sword) to get a one star item, requires the forge.

Game Logic

  • Combine two items to create a new item.
  • Use the forge to combine two different items, such as crossbow+sword.

Master Craftsman

  • Craft 100 items.

Self Explanatory


  • Upgrade an item to max level.
  • Combine two 9 star items, or combine about 1024 no-star base items.

A Good Deal!

  • Earn the Crafting Booklet.
  • You need to buy out some of the items in the mushroom shop to get it.

One For the Books

  • Discover all crafting recipes.
  • For this one i will recommend this guide here, even if it is outdated as of today.

Enchanted to Meet Ya

  • Upgrade an enchantment.
  • You will need the enchanting stone for this one, just combine enough enchanted weaponds for it to upgrade.

Over the Rainbow

  • Craft a Transcendent weapon.
  • You will need the enchanting stone for this one as well, and you need a +16 enchanted weapond to get it rainbow-y, but you can still go up to +21 enchantment.

Permutation Perfectionist

  • Use all potions at least once.

Boss Achievements

These relate to defeating bosses at a 5 star level (you will know you beat them when you unlock the cyan stared level) and some extra boss “quirks”.

Professional Logger

  • Defeat Xyloalgia at 5 stars.

Bug Squasher

  • Defeat Bolesh at 5 stars.

Mushroom Muncher

  • Defeat Angry Shroom at 5 stars.

Bone Breaker

  • Defeat Pallas at 5 stars.

Clockwork Cremation

  • Defeat the Guardian at 5 stars.

Stay Cool

  • Defeat Hrímnir at 5 stars.


  • Defeat Nagaraja at 5 stars.

Diss Angelos

  • Defeat Dysangelos at 5 stars.

One Shot, One Kill

  • One-shoot a boss.
  • Pretty self explanatory, but will need a high damage weapond for this one, especially one with low dps.

Æther Revenge

  • Unmake Pallas’ arm.
  • You will need a weapond with a “U” symbol next to it.

Grind-y Achievements

These achivements should be unlocked after a huge amount of playtime, or just take a lot of time in general


  • Defeat 10,000 foes.


  • Collect 1,000,000 of one resource.
  • This one doesnt work with weaponds, you have to collect either sap, wood, rocks or copper.

Midnight Farmer

  • Leave the game AFK farming over night.
  • This one is pretty self expanatory, but its good to know that it only detects for the achievement after you click on the pause button, so dont quit out of the game before doing that, like i did.
  • You need to leave the game open and you need the ouroboros stone.

Missable Achievements

These are missable, but thankfully you can create a new save without erasing your current one, and they are all pretty early-game.


  • Bypass the talking tree without unmaking it.
  • For this one you need to equip a shield (i think the shovel also works) and the sight stone before getting to the tree, he will say how weak you are and pity you, you should get the achievement then.

Some Bad News

  • Ask Dysangelos for help.
  • Just re-enter the Rocky Plateau before getting more special stones and ask Dysangelos for help.

Stonescript Achievements

These achievements require the stonescript, unlocked when you get the mind stone


  • Type 30 letters in Stonescript.

Sharing is Caring

  • Select all Stonescript and copy it.

Speak “import” to Enter

  • Import two scripts, or type “import” in the Codes screen.
  • This one was a bit glichy for me, but supposedly you only need to paste code into the stonescript.

Random Achievements

These Achievements i feel like dont belong in the other categories, most of these are self explanatory.

AFK Farmer

  • Loop with the Ouroboros 2 times without dying or changing items.
  • This one should be pretty easy with an auto-refil health potion and strong items in a low level area.

Scotty’s New Friend

  • Win at the skull game 5 times.
  • The minigame itself is pretty easy, and it doesnt need to be consecutive wins.


  • Defeat a location on Cyan 5.
  • Beat any location on a 5 star cyan difficulty.


  • Defeat a location on Yellow 5.
  • Beat any location on a 5 star yellow difficulty.

Finally, a wizard

  • Reach maximum experience level.


  • Mutate an item.
  • For this one you will need the mutation stone.

Hans hugs!

  • Buy all copies of a single item in the shop.

Shopping Madness

  • Buy all items and clear out the shop.
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