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PAYDAY 2 - Buluc's Mansion Animal Guide

Written by Amras Felagund   /   Nov 12, 2020    

The Mayan wheel serving as a combination lock into Buluc's office was a bit obtuse and esoteric for me my first time playing Buluc's Mansion. But after watching a video or two on it, it suddenly clicked for me. I may have been an idiot, but I'm making this guide to hopefully be helpful to others who may be stuck on this part of the heist.

List of Animals (Clockwise from Top of Wheel)

Batso' spider

Áayin lizard

Úuricho' snail

Ch'i'ibalil frog

Kaaye' fish

Book' bat

Áak turtle

Síinik ant

Báalam jaguar

Ku'uk squirrel

Kaan snake

Milpiés millipede

Kitam boar

Peek' dog

Ba'ats monkey

Cocodrilo crocodile

Péepen butterfly

Cangrejo crab

Buho owl

T'u'ul rabbit

Simplified Wheel Guide

Written by Amras Felagund.

Game:   PAYDAY 2