ICBM – Strategy Guide

Strategies for the game.

Guide to Strategies

All credit goes to Yel!



  • Cruiser: Pretty OP, broken with tat nukes
  • Destroyers: Alright for zones with little land mass, acts as a good defence.
  • Submarines: Very good for hidden attacks, but easily destroyed once fired
  • Carrier: Cheaper than airbases early game, but weak attacking.


Attack Bomber: good early game, but easily destroyed later in game.

  • Speed: 600 kmh
  • Range: 5000 km

Bomber: good for rushes mid game. terrible late game.

  • Speed: 400 kmh
  • Range: 15000 km

Fighter: essential for early game. useful rest of game.

  • Speed: 800 kmh
  • Range: 4000 km


  • Mobile Sam: Good for mid-late game. Relocate to prevent missle attacks.
  • Missile Vehicle: Good for missile rushes, easily destroyed once found. Surround with alot of sams.
  • IBCM vehicle: Essential for winning.
  • Missile Silo: Good for late game, do not use until you 100% can destroy useful things. The first to fire their silos has a lower chance of winning.
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  1. Actually modern cruiser are very capable of carrying tact nukes. USA use nuke cruise
    missiles and Russia has a SRBM on theirs.

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