Melvor Idle – 12bHCCO Challenge Guide

Guide to 12bHCCO Challenge

All credit goes to TrueXenocide!


What is 12bHCCO?

12bHCCO is a self imposed challenge that is comprised of three restrictions.

“12b” represents 12 bank slots. A participant in this challenge may not purchase additional bank slots.

“HC” represents Hardcore. When creating your character, this is the option that must be chosen. If you die, your character gets deleted and you will have to start again. It comes with a couple other relevant difficulty modifiers ranging from “no hp regeneration” and enhanced combat triangle bonuses. This means that damage taken is enhanced if you are melee, receiving magic damage as an example.

“CO” represents combat only. This means that you cannot use your skills aside from Attack, Strength, Defense, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic, Prayer, and Slayer.

Getting Started

To preface this guide, there are several themes that tend to reoccur throughout this guide.

They can be broken down into 3 types of hurdles.

Combat Skill Levels

These are your character’s base stats. They govern your damage, defense, health, and gear restrictions. To progress into now content, your stats will typically need to hit certain thresholds before you can access new monsters and hope to survive.


This is the equipment that you give your character. Depending on the pieces, they can give a variety of bonuses to augment your stats, allowing you to kill and survive fights against enemies that are much higher in combat level than you are. Most gear will take a vast amount of time to obtain, given the idle nature of this game and our combat only restriction.


While grinding for levels and gear, you will take damage. You will need to heal or lose your character, and food is our way to do that. Since we don’t have access to fishing or farming, the only food we can obtain is drop only.

The largest inconvenience with 12bHCCO that i have experienced so far is the lack of AutoEat at the beginning of the game. This means that you cannot idle, until you get it and it costs 1M at the shop for tier 1. With that in mind, we are racing to get both AutoEat T1, and Amulet of Looting. Both of these combined enable a significant amount of idle capability for your character and QoL improvements.

If at any time, you run out of food, go back to grind food for your appropriate tier.

  • Lvl 1 Plants = 7.5 hp/kill
  • Lvl 27 Sweaty Monster = 18.5 hp/kill
  • Lvl 125 Raging Horned Elite =450 hp/kill

1. Kill Plants until 10 Att, 10 Str, and 10 Def.

Plants drop potatoes, a valuable source of healing. They can be found at level 1 in the Farmhouse.

1 potato drops 75% of the time, and heals for 10 hp.

This means each kill is worth about 7.5 hp in food.

2. Kill Golbins until Bronze Battleaxe and Bronze Shield.

Statistically this should take your about 14 kills. It took me 64 but who’s counting.

The axe is pretty important as it increases your attack speed by about 30%

3. Kill Plants until 15-20 Att, Str, Def.

Builds up more food. You can never have enough food.

4. Kill Steel Knights for Steel helmet, shield, platebody, platelegs, sword, scimitar, and boots.

This might take a moment. The wiki tells us that it will take on average 134 kills to get all of the desired drops. It took me 51 with a little luck.

5. Kill Mummies until Amulet of Strength and Gold Emerald Ring

Amulet of Strength is a straight damage upgrade for the neck slot, and the Gold Emerald Ring increases combat XP gained by 7%

The wiki tells us that we should have get both items in 11 kills. It took me 30.

6. Kill Cows/Plants until 30-40 Att, Str, and Def.

Plants to build up food.

Cows to sell the hides. This gets us closer to AutoEat, but it will cost food. The choice is yours.

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