Yakuza: Like a Dragon – Shareholder Meetings Guide

Please note: All credit goes to AlisterCat!

A quick and easy guide to understanding the shareholder meetings. Not an extensive dive in to all the mechanics, but basically all you need to know to be successful.

Guide to Shareholder Meetings

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This contains everything you need to know. Try to memorise it, but helpfully it is always on the screen so don’t worry too much.

  • Red beats Green.
  • Green beats Blue.
  • Blue beats Red.

You will use the colour of your team members to attack the shareholder of the weaker colour. So, if you’re countering a green argument, you’d use a red board member.

Meeting Prep

Time to select your board members!

Basically, you’ll want to select a board member of each colour in order to counter any potential arguments. Before starting a meeting it will show you who you are up against. Maybe they won’t be using all colour options, but their arguments might.

I advise picking your strongest for each colour, and for the 4th slot use a member who is less costly to use or good against your current opponents.

Rest up!

Before you begin, you should rest your board members. I also auto-heal all employees before a shareholder meeting because you get support bonuses for employees being in a good mood, but you could only do your board members if you are short on cash.


  1. Attack Cost
  2. Colour
  3. Attack Power

  • 1 is how much using this board member costs each time you attack. You have a large power bar at the bottom of the screen during the meeting, and each attack takes away from it. It regenerates over time, but it is slow and you’re on a timer so plan accordingly.
  • 2 is the colour. As discussed previously, you want to counter your opponents with the more powerful colour. Pick the board member with the colour you want to use.
  • 3 is the power of the attack. Higher power means more damage. You gain a multiplier each time you attack with the colour the opponent is weak to, so you could use lower power attacks to increase the multiplier and then use a more powerful attack for a big bonus, though I rarely found this necessary.


Now it’s time to fight. In the example below we have selected a shareholder, and all you need to do is keep an eye on 2 things.

  • 1 is the argument. Select a board member with the colour that is strong against the colour of the argument, and it will open the shareholder up to attacks. Just pick the right colour, simple.
  • 2 is the colour of the shareholder you are attacking. Pick a board member that will be strong against the enemy to begin doing damage. The correct colour will not only do damage but increase a damage multiplier.

Argument colour may be different to enemy colour.

The strategy is to first look at the argument colour, and select your attack colour. Then look at the the enemy’s colour, and select your attack colour to start doing damage. It’s that simple.Bear in mind you have a limited time to attack their argument before you do damage, so select quickly.

In this example you would use a red board member to attack the argument, then immediately blue to deal damage until they are defeated. Once you have depleted the red bar, they are convinced and the enemy sits down.

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