Citadel: Forged With Fire – Gameplay Tips & Tricks

At 170+ hours played of the game being very new (I am addicted), and hitting 60 multiple times on different servers (once with elixer, my bad!) I have come up with a bunch of Tips and Tricks to help you on your way in the world of Ignus!

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Tips and Tricks!

All credit goes to Banks!

Things you ought to know while playing this game!

  • Each starter zone is best for different things. The west is known for its riches in Ghost Orchids and Crowberries, along with your other plants, as well as mountains of rocks that provide plentiful ore. The middle is an ideal location for your leveling needs, providing the most low level camps and caves, providing you the most yield in leather from those pesky Blood Orcs! The east is definitely those who follow the Dwarvern path in those seeking ores open ores! GOLD and MORE GOLD! Get yourself into the Blackwater Caves for an endless supply of rocks filled with all those juicy ores. 
  • Did you know that NPCs respawn at camps, caves and everywhere else at 6:00am and 6:00pm game time? Some of you may have, but not a day has went by that someone didn’t know that. So you may have been standing there at 5:30am and arrived at Yako Bokins Cave, and the eagles are not there. You say to yourself “Damn, it’s all gone” and fly away! Well I just saved your bacon good sir/madam, and now you can wait 20 seconds for some more! Huzzah! 
  • When harvesting, it is always best to use a melee weapon(provided the melee weapon has more damage, see below). You think “Why Banks? There is no difference in what weapon I use!” Well I am telling you, there is! See, your extracting scales with your damage. The more damage you have, the faster you will harvest resources with the extract spell. Whaddya know?! 
  • Speaking of extracting and talking about how melee gets harvesting done more quickly, did you know the level 15 spell for the Melee weapon “Berserk” increases your damage by 1.5-2.0x? (I honestly have not done the calculations, maybe someone can do that for me). Basically, Cast that and harvest, you will be flying in the resources! 
  • Speaking of the spell Berserk, and many other buff spells, did you know they can stack with each other? (Not stack as in, multiply damage by 1000, read on). Let us take Berserk for example. You cast it, and it only fills 1/3, and it is over in a jiffy and you just think “Well the charged version barely adds extra”. Well you would be right, the charging of “Some” spells are a bit weak, but fret not! Cast Berserk 3 times one after the other and you have a full buff! About to run out of that buff? Cast once more and fill it right back up again! 
  • Ok, so you are fed of making thousands of mana potions just so you can fly on your broom for a lengthy period of time, only to make your destination at the Caves of Athol Bor ready to fight the Pyrants, Black Dragons and Demonic Imps and …. oh…. I have 10 mana pots left. Well, time to get more Buffalo leaves! I do have a few suggestions for this. Here is the list!

1. Fast Travel – Learn the closest distances from A to B. Planning your journey before setting off will save you time and mone — potions.

2. Tame a mount – While slower in comparison to fast travel and depending what level you are, taming mounts is a fantastic way to get about at a free cost! A fantastic location for players as soon as they hit level 15 is Yako Bokin’s Cave. There you will find 2 eagles (Level 20-22 RNG). It is a perfect place to get your first flying mount, and have an awesome weight carrier, managing to load up on 650 weight, plus yours!

3. Broom Hopping (Faster the Broom/Potion, the better)- Ok Harry Potter fans, this one is for you, though we are much more edgy than HP and like me, I like to live dangerously. So first off, you will indeed need some mana points invested for this, and I would recommend mana regen gear and wielding a staff your hopping, as you will get more mana, making life just a tiny bit safer for you. Anyway, what you want to do is get as high as you can (Not quite the invisible roof, but close) and get off the broom while holding W and space. You will travel upwards for a short period of time, and start to fall. You will always fall in the direction you were travelling, but the higher you are, the further you travel. Now, at this point you are thinking “Well Banks, that isn’t exactly hopping, is it?” Well I am not finished yet, so hold your horses. Anyway, just keep holding W and Space in the direction you want to go, get off the broom, travel a bit. Rinse and repeat. Congratz! You saved about 10 mana potions!

4. Ultra Fast Broom travel – You will have to bear with me on this one, as I can try to describe it, but may result in your death DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DEATH AND COMPENSATION WILL NOT BE PROVIDED, ONLY LAUGHS AND GIGGLES
Ok, so you have your broom/potion, and you don’t want to do any of the above. You don’t mind using all that mana, as long as you get to travel in a nice smooth way. Well how about if I told you, you could do that, save mana and travel about 1.5x faster? There is a way! Here we go… Hold W and D (could be A, depends on your preference), look down to the floor with your mouse, adjust the direction you want to go, adjust your angle so you don’t smash into the ground, and GO! That wasn’t actually difficult to explain, but again, the death is on you. Basically, the game recongises you travelling downwards as you are looking down, but the W and A/D command somehow make it so you are not really travelling down, and you will go straight. If you are travelling to a marker, make sure it is on either top corner of the screen (1980×1080, whatever the resolution scale is default to).

  • Ahh, I see, you are one of those guys who likes to use 2 staffs because you think you are Gandalf and you can have a Grey and White staff at the same time? Well if you were, you would be epic, but you are no Gandalf. You are a man/woman born from lava into the realm of Ignus, and you are so much more cooler than Gandalf with a Saxophone tune in the background.
    You should become Gandalf and Gimli, Staff and Axe, Shadow Blast and Berserk (Can you tell I like Berserk yet?) Basically, anyone/anything you use this on will take a lot of damage at .2 seconds faster than fireball GCD (Global Cooldown), it also deals direct damage, not splash, so all enemies will recieve more damage, and not to mention it is a much more powerful spell. I feel I am missing something… ahh yes! The Knockback! While the tooltip says something along the lines of “Has a chance to knockback” it is actually 100% (it is great against players. Oh, you’re flying away? Don’t think so! *Casts Shadow Blast every .5 seconds*) Also, NPCs can barely get a hit off if done and mastered correctly (apart from dragons, they seem to beat me on GCDs.. damn dragons). 
  • I didn’t want to put this into the Tips and Tricks, and will be removed as soon as they fix this issue (I presume it is, that is). But you can indeed use Shadow blast to knock any flying creature out of the sky. While you do get the loot, you also don’t get xp. So my tip for the moment would be, get the aggro of the flying creature, get it as low as possible, then knock it out of the sky. This can make for easier taming of flying creatures or a nice easy kill after recieving some fall damage, and getting a nice amount of XP. 
  • Speaking of taming, and knocking things out the sky. Once a flying creature or any creature for that matter is on the ground, they do not know how to fly again, like you just ripped the wings off of an Infernal Dragon, because you know, we all want to be like Ser Gregor Clegane (even the woman.. don’t look at me like that, you know you would). So, start taming, and sit behind a rock/tree/cliff face and wait till done. Remember to tell team mates to not walk infront of you while doing this, as you will somehow switch targets to them, resetting the tame. For NPCs, just clear the area, they are not wizards or witches. Not worthy of your tame. Unless you want a Sprite, ugly cute things.
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