Cookies vs. Claus – Cookies Weapons and What They Do

This guide will go over what are the cookies weapons, and what they do.


First up, Choccy! This is the first cookie on the cookie team.

  • Chocolate chip throw: Choccy will throw chocolate chips at the enemy. The speed of the projectiles are pretty fast, and it it has a attack related to Eggie, but we will get to that later.
  • Cartwheel hop: Choccy will do a fast lunge in the air, and it does make a good getaway. Although, it does not do damage.
  • Blow up: Choccy will blow up to do damage, and choccy will lose his chocolate chips. It’s kind of funny when he blows up, because he kind of looks like a sugar cookie.


Next, Sugar! This is the 2nd cookie in the cookie team.

  • Machine gun: Sugar will fire sprinkles at the enemy, but it doesn’t fire a lot of bullets.
  • Machine gun (charged): Sugar will charge up a shot and then blast it at the enemy to do damage. It takes a while to re-charge.
  • Jetpack: Sugar will fly high in the sky to take on his enemies from above. The jetpack actually has fuel, so be careful. Press space to fly up, and press shift to burst some fuel to launch sugar up.


Third, Ninjasnap! Ninjasnap is the third cookie in the cookie team.

  • Ninja stars: Ninjasnap will Y E E T ninja stars at the enemy and is quite sharp.
  • Katana: Ninjasnap has a long sword and suprisingly, isn’t his primary weapon.
  • Ghost mode: Ninjasnap can turn invisible for a few seconds but not fully invisible. Ghost mode is great for ambushing enemies.


Forth, Tank! Tank is the toughest cookie, and is sort of like a miniboss.

  • Bat: Tank will smack his bat at enemies and it does 4 damage.
  • Shield: Tank will use his sheild and attempt to block attacks. At this state, he cant attack. He can kind of cover his teammates too.
  • Grab: Tank can also use his sheild to grab his opponets. It can lock the enemy in place and also makes a powerful attack.


Fifth, Milky! The fifth cookie in the cookie team and is the only drink.

  • Milk blaster: Milky will fire his pistol at enemies, and has a fast reload.
  • Milk bomb: Milky will throw a white bomb at enemies, does tons of damage but has a small time until the bomb blows up.
  • Air slide: Milky can slide in the air to get away from enemies, but does not do damage. The longer you hold shift, the longer the air slide lasts.

Mr. Nut

Sixth, Mr nut! Mr nut is a peanut, and not a cookie. This is the only duel wielder with guns.

  • Nut blasters: Mr nut can use his guns and fire at enemies. The reload is slow, but is enhanced with the dash power. The nut blasters shoot out this weird goo, and you can look at it. The goo has a yellowish color.
  • Nut bomb: Mr nut can throw a giant nut at the enemy. It cant be used properly, thanks to a bug making the nut go backwards.
  • Dash: Mr nut can dash, and makes Mr nut go faster. The dash power can enhance the firerate of the nut blasters. Mr nut leaves a trail behind, which does damage.


Next, Nisiar! Nisiar is kind of like a ancient cookie, but he is just a cookie with raisins.

  • Raisins: Nisiar can throw up to five raisins at a time, but they do small damage. The raisins look like they glow.
  • Raisin Bomb: Nisiar throws a medium sized raisin, and it has splash damage.
  • Sheild: Nisiar can summon a sheild on himself and it protects his whole body. It also makes him faster. If you try to attack nisiar while his sheild is up, it just does 0 damage.


Next, Eggie! Eggie is a bird cookie, and has a body shaped like a egg or a oval.

  • Egg throw: Eggies egg throw is simalar to choccy’s chocolate chip throw, execpt eggie throws eggs.
  • Tounge stretch: Eggie extends his tounge at the enemy, but it doesn’t extend that far.
  • Egg Jump: Eggie can egg jump, which makes him go up. The egg is explosive.


Finally, Graham! Graham is a s’more. He is the final cookie in the cookie team. He is also the only dual wielder with melee weapons

  • Hammer smash: Graham can smash both of his hammer at his foe to do damage.
  • Hammer Throw: Graham can throw his hammers to do damage. Graham has to pick up his hammers to do any of his hammer attacks. Graham also has a speed boost without his hammers.
  • Ground pound: Graham can ground pound, doing damage. The higher he is, the more effective the attack is.

Double Jumpers

Some cookies can double jump! Here is them listed:

  • Ninjasnap
  • Eggie
  • Graham

Creameo (Extra)

Creamo is a oreo.

  • Barf: Creameo can barf a white substance at his enemies to do damage.
  • Roll: Creameo can roll around fast, but it is very hard to control.
  • Oreo throw: Creameo can throw his back oreo at enemies to do damage.
Written by AdamzWorld

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